Friday, January 29, 2016

DecoArt Winter Wonderland Aurora Borealis Canvas


What FABULOUS FUN to play in the... 
DecoArt Winter Wonderland Challenge.

So honored... so humbled... just stunned. 
But soooo very happy and grateful.  j. 

This challenge was to be a winter theme with purple and blue hues... maybe even some snow!!!

My best friend has asked me several times to paint a picture with the Aurora Borealis in the background.  This seemed like the perfect time to make my sky come to life in purples and blues!!! 
Incredible DecoArt Media products were used in this 12x16 painting on canvas and ohhhh how I love to work with glittering shimmering vivid colors!

I began with the background using: 
DecoArt Media Prussian Blue Hue, Dioxazine Purple, and Titanium White.

I also added:
DecoArt Media Shimmer Mist Turquoise
DecoArt Ice Crystal Glamour Dust 
DecoArt Black Ice Glamour Dust
DecoArt Champagne Glamour Dust

There was no green used but the photos picked up that color - might be the champagne glitter!

And of course, splatters with DecoArt Media Transparent White and DecoArt Media White Shimmer Mister.

I began drawing in my scene using Titanium White.

I realize most Aurora Borealis looks like ribbons but I also saw some pictures online where it was straighter and thought it was unique. Here I began adding color with DecoArt Media Turquoise Shimmer Mister and more DecoArt Media Dioxazine Purple.

Next came DecoArt Media Red Mister and then began overlaying more purple - just to change the hue a bit.  I also began adding DecoArt Media Modeling Paste where I wanted snow texture as well as on the moon. 

I used a bit of DecoArt Media Quin Gold to light up the cabin.

Took a long time to draw in all the trees! Beginning with DecoArt Media carbon black then adding DecoArt Media transparent white. The highlighting on the trees was done with DecoArt Media Patina Green Antiquing Cream. The Patina Green had a turquoise hue when applied to this painting and blended well with the color scheme.   I also used this color, as well as DecoArt Media Medium Gray and Titanium White Antiquing Cream on the hills. 

If you look at the top of the mountains, along the edges of the river, and the crevices in the snow... you will see CRACKS!!  These were made with DecoArt Crackle Glaze. 

The moon, as well as the river, are covered with DecoArt Media Liquid Glass. The liquid glass made the colors so vivid and the shimmer is stunning. 

It's difficult to tell but the large tree on the right is textured with weathered wood. It was applied early and pretty much covered with "snow" but the texture did help keep it in the foreground. 

And let's not forget the DecoArt Brush and Stencil Cleaner! I am a bit limited on my mobility at times so this product is truly wonderful for me. It never fails to clean my brushes, stencils, craft mat etc etc.  It goes a long way too... I love it! 

Thanks bunches to DecoArt for this challenge. 

And thanks bunches to all of you for stopping by to see my shimmering winter wonderland creation.

STAY WARM. Hugs. j.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although an art journal challenge they accept canvases and their January theme is Winter Wonderland!!


Wilderness Man 20x24 on Canvas

 Hello and Welcome Back to ALL you sweet bloggers. 

Around Thanksgiving, I was commissioned to do a painting using photos from a hunt. At the time, I reluctantly agreed stating that the only way I would do it was if I could do the man's body from the back.  In other words... with no face... just the back of the head etc.  

Why?  Because I don't draw faces.  Well... at that time I didn't.... but I do NOW!!!!  

Thanks to the Creative Jump Start Workshop I took through N*Studio - Nathalie Kalbach... I learned a unique way of drawing faces.  I realize that it's not a "real", in detail face... but the type of face I had learned to draw worked well for this wilderness man.

Thought I would share it with you because admittedly... I am rather encouraged by how it turned out.  It is a 20X24 canvas using acrylic paints.  I didn't take a lot of pictures this time!

Here is the picture I painted from...
and he stated that he likes a more abstract look to his art. 

I sketched the background and body from pictures that he gave me from the trip. 

Then began painting. 

There were not textures used - only paint - per his request. 

Figuring out the camo was crazy!! 
And I definitely need to work on painting skies. 

And then hubby made a frame for the painting out of cedar. This is not a good picture of the painting or the frame but I looks amazing in person!  We had lots of folks at the ranch this week for a conference and the painting was a hit.  The man in the picture was here for the conference! All said it looks just like him!

I just have to say... 
I am so thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to paint. 
No one is more amazed than me at the art of creating. 

Thank you for visiting... and for your comments. 
I sooo appreciate each one.

Much love, 

Creative Jump Start,Jodi Ohl – Out Of Your Head And On To The Canvas


Hello Hello Hello my sweet friends!

This project has been done for a while but.... it just looked so awful that I put it away... thinking not to blog it at all.  BUT... I think I resurrected it to some extent.... and it will perhaps pass for URBAN ART!!! 

This is another lesson from Creative Jump Start Workshop at the N*Studio with Nathalie Kalbach
I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this workshop. It has been WONDERFULLY challenging and FUN for me!! 

This lesson was a video tutorial by Jodi Ohl.... 
Out of Your Head and On To the Canvas. 
The Urban Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Here are some pictures of the process.... 
it went through a LOT of changes!!! 

But I didn't take many pictures in the beginning...
I must have just been having too much fun!
This was just putting layers of paint on - any which way.

Then I decided I needed a stencil to help me out! 
I chose the Fiesta stencil/stamp set by Nathalie Kalbach.

I thought I might make them have some sort of conversation in the weird little design above their heads!

But then.... my brain totally went bezerk and I decided to do a wash over the entire piece... WHEW... talk about turning green.... 
ugh!!! It was actually yellow but picture is crazy too!

So my man and woman looked a bit like this.

And then what?  I had no idea.  I decided to try another stencil. How about LOVE - then my couple will be in love.  Right??!

I chose The Crafter's Workshop stencil by Ronda Palazzari.

But wait.... dear me... I have chopped off my ladies head... WHAT???  Seriously Joi-  you are a ditz for sure!!! 

And this is when the canvas "went away".... 
until I was able to face the challenge once again!!!!!!!!

In the end.... I'm thrilled to have made a happy little home for my loving, sweet couple!!!  

Hehehehehhe - now how CRAZY is that????
Hope you are smiling.  
Art is Amazing.... that's for sure!!!  

Big Hugs. j.  


Inside the Circus - Creative Jump Start, Basquiat by Tori Weyers


HOWDY... from Joi... at the ranch! 

 It's a sunny 70 degrees here and it's fun to enjoy the reprieve from the cold.  For sure, our cold is mild compared to most your winters!

This is another project from Creative Jump Start at N*Studio with Nathalie Kalbach.  I have learned soooo much. 

This little project is wild and crazy... but that's good for me.
Abstract URBAN Art is difficult so it's a good challenge!
This is again in the "style" of Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

NOW... seriously... get ready to laugh...or at least giggle....
Here is my "Inside the Circus" CHAIN MAN!!!  
He is on a 8x10 canvas.

Since this is a paid workshop, I can't go into all the processes but I have pictures for you to see how fun it was to just "be creative"! 
Following the video tutorial by Tori Weyers.  

Those of you that know me... know that I love looking for objects in my work!  Do you see the little man coming through in the doodles below????

Yes - there he is so I drew him in as I saw him on the canvas!

By the way... he has a crown because it is a symbol found in much of Jean-Michel Basquiat's work. 

Now some close-ups of the finished piece!
Let me assure you.... my family thinks I have lost my mind seeing this piece!!!  It's all about the learning and growing... like my word for 2016... Burgeon!!!!  

Thanks bunches for taking time to stop by!
I have several things ready to blog so maybe you can see them all at once while you are here!!!  

Big Hugs to you all!! j.