Friday, April 20, 2018

3 Paintings from my Classwork: Ursula Wollenberg Kara Bullock

HOWDY from SPRING BEAUTY at the ranch!!!

I was indeed privileged to participate in a
fabulous class given by Ursula Wollenberg.
It was Mix Your Mediums through 

You know what???
I have always wanted to be able to
paint like Ursula. I sooo admire her artwork. 

Here are 3 paintings I did while following
her teaching in the class. Not anywhere
near her wonderful talent but...
it's a start!!! 

This is my prima ballerina granddaughter. 

This is my beautiful oldest granddaughter.

It's fun to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things.

If you have been wondering where I have been...
I was commissioned to paint 4'x5' painting for 
a big company of their new building with a
reflection of their old building in the water.  
Whew - it was a challenge!
Hope to share it soon. 

Love to you all and a big thank you to Ursula! Xj.