Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Abstract or Not? DecoArt Media on Canvas

Howdy sweet friends....

Here I am, cringing a bit, because I am sharing an 8x10 canvas painting that seems to be ever so popular with everyone but ME!!! 

Have you ever had that happen????

I painted a series of white lilies. The instructions were to do one on a blue background, one on a yellow background and one on a pink background. 

A while back I shared the first pink one with you.
This is it! 

The second pink one was to be abstract. And apparently, somehow it passed the abstract test and is well loved.  

Now this will come as a surprise to you since you know how I adore bright colors but I do not care for the second pink lily.  On the other hand - I rather enjoy the first one.  And... let me remind you too that I am not a fan of pastel pink. So... hello???  What in the world is happening to me!!!!???

Nevertheless... here are some pictures of the hot pink, abstract, wild and willowy white lily. 

I began with a light pink background. Then drew in my lily design with a Stabillo All pencil. Next, I loosely painted in the colors with my fingers - my favorite way to paint.  

On the background I used DecoArt Media Tinting Base to change the DecoArt Media Primary Magenta Fluid Acrylics to lots of different colors.  YES - every color of pink you see in this painting is made from the Primary Magenta!  Fun huh???

Below you can see all the DecoArt products used.  My brush and stencil cleaner is a mess but that is the BEST stuff on the planet.  I always grab it with the messy hands of a finger painter. I can't seem to keep any of my paints very clean though.  My work space is neat - just not my bottles!

And here are a few more pictures. 

And the old switch-a-roo question?  
Should it go vertical or horizontal??? 

Moral of this story....

Some like it hot, 
some like it cold,
Some like it very much...
not me... truth be told!!! 

Heheheheheh - HUGS, joi


A bit of INKY FUN!!!

Hehehheeh - wow - did I have fun being inky!!!

Every month I send an envelope full of receipts to one of the sweetest little lady I have ever met named Judy.  Honestly, I have decorated very very few envelopes in the day but it just seemed like this gal really needed a little brightness sent her way so.... 
out came the Ranger Adirondack Inks!! 

I am not a speedy artist - too perfectionistic.
So this little project was a total joy for me!!
Just had to share my fun!
Hugs. j.