Friday, July 31, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 July Tag

Whew - barely made it.  I had this made but just forgot to blog it!! Dear me!!!   Just so determined to do all 12.... 
YEAH for July - another done - so fun!!!
Nothing like Tim's of course but DONE!!!  

Hugs. j. 

ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS... like fishin'!

Hello Sweet Crafty Friends!

My last post for July.... 

I always enjoy working with my Lindy's Stamp Gang products so just had to do one last fun project this month.  

It was lots of fun!  This is on a 10.5 x 10.5 cedar board. 

I began by using DecoArt Crackle Paste and a Tim Holtz stencil to make the water. 

While that was drying I began work on the top panel and the sun!

Next adding embossing powder to the sun.

This was the most fun part for me... making the top panel look like a sun-rise or... it could be a sunset... whichever you choose!!! 
In addition to the July Challenge Colors I added California Poppy Gold Magicals - love that shimmer!

Here are the products I used in making the bottom panel. 
Lots of stamping with Stampin'Up and Rubber Dance stamps. 
As well as embossing with July colors! 

Here are all three pieces when ready to put together! 

And then I began putting things together. 

The dock is wood from the ranch - I sprayed some Dark Chocolate Truffle on the posts underneath to give them a little texture!  That's cheese cloth hanging over the side - hoping it looks like a net.  I painted the cheese cloth with a combo of Lindy's Bonjour Butter and a tiny dash of Dark Chocolate Truffle.  

The fish and lure are real fishing items from my tackle box - hook and all!  I put the rubber worm over the hook!!!

The pole is a tiny branch with cheese cloth texture wrapped around it and the fishing line is tiny red wire. 

The boat is held in place by twine! And that's a Tim Holtz metal tag - the name of the boat is "Wander".

It's hard to see but there are also a couple of folks fishing in a boat out on the lake. 

There is also a lizard, a turtle and a bird... as well as a string of fish hanging from the little fisherman's bag!  They are metal charms.

The rest - you can probably figure out pretty easily!! 

Here's a close up of some of the many textures!

The sentiment is from Dylusions Clear Stamps, Clearly Quotes. It's supposed to be floating on a cloud! 

Thanks bunches for stopping by again!!!  Hugs. j. 

Challenge Info: 

Products I used: 

A lovely July Color Challenge Set.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Postman Arrives so Today Is Full of Possibilities


Hello to all my CFF's - heheheeh - how about that?
Crafty Friends Forever!!!!!!!!  Probably someone thought of it long before I but it's fun, nevertheless!

Seems like from a young age I always thought of the arrival of the postman as fun.  And even as an adult (if you take away bills from the scenario) the mail could make a day full of possibilities!!! 

That's the quote on my journal page today from Tim's Small Talk Stickers -  Today Is Full of Possibilities! And what makes this journal page neat is that all the post cards are from my personal "vintage" family.  They are when my Grammie was young and are addressed to her and her cousins.  One of them even says that eggs were up to 18 cents... war days memories perhaps?! 

Here is my vintage postal art journal pages! 

So my first duty here is to confess... 
this is the first time for me to draw tiny face... ugh. 
I won't tell you what hubby said she looks like!!! 
But I console myself with the promise that someday I will look back on this one and see how far I've come when I get better!!!

I wanted to make the pages look rather like a postage stamp. 
I bought some Frog Tape on sale 50% off not knowing what in the world I would do with it... but hey - it worked for this!

My idea came from this travel advertising poster I found online. 

Beginning with my Gelli Plate, I created the green background. I was wanting it just to look like the "green" of the outdoors.  I used a Kaisercraft Stencil on paper then used DecoArt Decou-page to place it onto the art journal background.  I had to play with my gelli plate for awhile longer before continuing with this project too! 

I found an old calendar page with a mailbox on it and did my best to draw it... much easier than a face - hehehehe!!! 

I used Faber-Castell Pitt Pens to complete it - love them!

I always wondered when I would use the very very tiny flower stamp from Hot Off The Press but it worked super to put some flowers on the polka dots along my walkway!!  I covered the polka dots with some textured "lace" and added sparkle too!

Since tags are such a big part of my crafting life I wanted to add one to this layout. Just seemed like this 50's gal should get something really fun in the post today!!  I used the stencil you see below with some Studio 490 Crackle Paste - let it dry - then added some Perfect Pearls and Silks for the background.  The little postage paper piece is from my stash.  I hadn't glued it down yet in this photo. Since not much of the tag would show... I just strung some beads and a heart on wire and added a bow. 

The Carte Postal stamp beside the tag and circle stamp are from Rubber Dance Stamps as well as the little bird on the mail box.

I was also hoping you could see some of the shimmer and glitter by looking at this close up picture. 

This is the post card with the 18 cent eggs on it!!  
It appears to be dated 1917.

The dragon flies and the blue flowers are rub-ons as is the heart on the gals apron. 

I was glad to do this project because now I will have something from my Grammie in my journal.  Makes me smile.  

Thanks bunches for visiting.  I love your comments and thank you in advance for taking the time to leave one :)  Hugs. j.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I used Wendy Vecchi Crackled Texture Paste on my Tag in this project and lots of polka dots!


July Challenge - Tags

Not my usual fancy tag but a fun tag for the postman to bring to your house that fit nicely under all the postcards in the layout!!



Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Days Flower Garden


Thanks goodness for sprinklers or there would be no summer garden here in Texas!  Well into the 100's every day, it's so wonderful to still have flowering blooms to see.  Somehow though - they don't seem quite so vivid as they did in the spring.  It's almost like the hot sun blanches some of the color out of them.  

That's rather how I see these two paintings...
like my summer days "color blanched" garden!!

My sister-in-law actually sent me a picture of something similar to these and asked me to paint them.  I had no idea whether I could but for her I was willing to try.  Here is the set as they are on the wall together in their new home.

They are both 20 x 30 acrylic on canvas. 
I think that they look a bit brighter here. 
Must be caused by the different setting and camera!

Would you believe that the two paintings were done with different mediums?  Yes - they were... and it was so fun!

The first painting was done with Neocolor II and distress paints.  It was the first time using Neocolor II for anything this large and I enjoyed every minute of doing this painting. 
There are more pictures of it here

For the second painting (see pictures below)...
I used DecoArt Fluid Acrylics for two reasons. 

One for fun.  I didn't have access to the Neocolors.  Since I needed a pair... thought it would be fun to try to make them match.  Worst case - I would have to redo again to make them match!

 And two - for the DecoArt Dare to Create with Tracy and Andy.  They asked us to inspire their "face-off" in painting something from Art History - one of the master painters. 

Guess I will go with Monet since a sweet person told me that these looked rather Monet inspired!!! 

Again, I enjoyed doing this painting very much.  In some ways it was different than using the mediums in the first painting but in other ways very much the same. Both flowed beautifully under my fingers and both gave me a good variety color tones and textures.

Which would I do again?  BOTH - for sure!!! 

I think they turned out to be a good enough match even using different products.  What to you think?

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my Summer Days Flower Garden fun.  I learned alot doing these paintings.  
Hugs. j. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I would also like to share these with the
 Mixed Media Monthly Challenge 

These mixed media creations reminds me of my gardens in summer - a bit sparse here and there as well as a bit blanched by the sun.  They have many of the same colors as The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Mood Board.  Since I never go far from home... I don't go to the beach or the ferris wheel or even wear sunglasses but...
I do soooooooo enjoy my summer days looking at the summer garden here at the ranch. 

Click HERE: The Mixed Media Challenge SUMMER DAYS


Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Buried Treasure with Seth Apter


Thank you so much to Seth Apter for giving us this fun... I have already started looking at all the wonderful Buried Treasure posts..... by lots of incredible artists. 

I originally did mine wrong - they were supposed to be on the same page - ugh.  BUT.... just click below for the links to find out how I made my little buried treasures and see more pictures!!!   The second one - in pink - was an intuitive painting so seeing how it began is interesting!!! I think you will enjoy them - keeping my fingers crossed!!! 

Thanks bunches and bunches to Seth...
 and to all of you who stop by to look.
I soooooooo love and appreciate your comments!