Sunday, June 14, 2015

Experiment in Drawing Color - 20x30 Canvas


Hello to all my artistic encouragers!  

Sharing today my first ever drawing - free hand.  So take a deep breath and don't expect too much... OK??!!  I can tell you - at first, I was ready to just wipe it out... but honestly, it has grown on me.  

AND... it is much prettier in person too!! 

It was done with:
Neocolor II Watercolor
Lindy's Glitz Spritz Scintillating Silver
Distress Stain/Paint
Brushed Pewter
Antique Linen
Picket Fence
Old Paper

And I just started drawing.  

I can draw a silly little flower and a butterfly. Hmmm - I should draw you one to show you... just a minute...

This little combo is all I have even drawn - even in childhood I couldn't draw.  Now I have added hair to a stamped image and some doodle type lines here and there... but I have never just started out drawing free hand before.  Out of comfort zone... for sure.

But it was rather fun and I will do it again - hoping to maybe get better as the saying goes - practice makes perfect (sometimes)!!

Oh and in case you have not used the Neocolor II's - you first draw your image - or at least that's what I did - and then you use a brush and water to spread the pigments.  Many people also use outlines but I just wanted mine to be "free" drawing - no lines except those made by the watercolors. 

Here is the results: 

The first thing I did was used the distress stains and paints to make a neutral background with just the four colors.  I just wasn't thinking and didn't take a picture of it before I started to add the Neocolor II colors.  I sure wish I would have done so.  But it was just lines of paint - mostly horizontal but a few short verticals.

See the shimmer in pic above from the Lindy's Glitz Spritz!?

So there you have it... 

I know some of you are smiling... but the nice thing is... you love me and accept my artistic endeavors unconditionally and for that... I say... thanks bunches.  You just WATCH... I will get better!!! 
Big Hugs. j. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
So happy to have the opportunity to join the following challenge: 

Mixed Media Place: Creative Gym
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Exercise 8 - Drawing by Athanasia

Drawing using Neocolor II Watercolors


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