Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Barn Wood BOO for YOuOOOOOO!!!!

Howdy Sweet Friends.... 

Here's a BIG BOO for YOuOOOOOO!!! 

This sign is 12"x32" and painted on old barn wood.
Up close it looks like an old vintage piece.... 
until you spy the glitz and glimmers!!!
Then you might wonder if it was as old as it looks! 

Dear me... I used to say that about my Mama!!! :)
She and I were just the opposite.
I would be the scarecrow - shy, plain, simple, happy.
  She would be the glamorous head turner and lovin' it!!! 
Ok - I'm reminiscing!!! 

So... when people say in a post.... "this was so easy"... I always think to myself... well maybe to you it was but to me.... ugh. 
But hey - here I go - I'm going to say it... 
this was so easy and so fun!!! 

I printed the letters on my computer - giant size - pieced them together and then traced around the outside of them. 

You can see the tracing in this photo. 

Then came out the DecoArt Media Acrylics - beginning with Titanium White.  I just used my brush and went around the tracing with paint. Above is the start of the web and below is the finish.  Oddly enough - for once it didn't bother me that the lines weren't perfect - after all - it's Halloween!!! 

The letters began with Cadmium Orange Hue - 
ahhhhh - can you say... Joi's eye candy... 
 I so love this color :) ! 

And then I added Diarylide Yellow which is also just yummy! 

The idea was just to make layers - blending but not really all the way....just making it textured paint look. 

Herkimer the Spider was done in Green Gold first followed by Yellow Green Light. Love those layers of paint. 

WHY Herkimer??  When my grandkids were old enough to realize there were spiders at the ranch... we begin naming all the spiders. Fear subsided. One year, Herkimer rode around with us in our buggy for weeks and became our friend.  After that, every summer we have to name at least one spider Herkimer!!!! NOW... Herkimer is forever immortalized - eheheheh!!! 

Herikier, his home and the BOO were accented with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens in various colors. 

Of course, any time it's possible for me to pull out the shimmer - I will, I do.  Herkimer was just begging for a coat of DecoArt Metallic Lustre Elegant Emerald.  

And then, Herkimer jabbered in his sweet little voice... "Joi - would you please decorate my home with some bling"....  
well, hello?... how could I resist???  

Out came the DecoArt Ice Crystal Glamour Dust.  I wish you could see it in person - it is oh so pretty a web to spin!!! 

Not to be out done by the tangly web we weave.... BOO begin to glisten in Tiger Orange (love that name!) Glamour Dust too! 

In the end... I was longing for dimension.  I love the old barn wood but it seemed it needed to be darkened a bit to give greater accent to the BOO so I gave it a wash with DecoArt Media black gesso.  And then added DecoArt Media liquid glass to make things stand out a bit more.  Now it seems that the web and spider are a bit spookier - shimmering in the breeze and Herkimer is ready to climb up soon for a nap in his shimmering home. 

 Products used... (not as many as usual)!

Hoping that you and yours have a BOOdaciously FUN Fall Festival time!!!  The seasonal excitement is in the air!  Xj. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excited to enter Herkimer in the following challenges: 

My piece was meant to look rustic/vintage and is on old barn wood. I painted the BOO in layers so that it would look like the paint was uneven and old.  I admit... I did shimmer it up a bit though!!!!


I used orange, yellow, black - spooky fall colors as well as a spider from the haunted house with the BOO factor!!! 

A Vintage Journey
October Challenge: Make It Spooky

When I showed this to my friend and told her I wasn't sure it was Spooky enough she thought I was crazy.... but then again... she is a princess who cannot stand spiders or webs or anything Halloween like BOO!!!  So.... to her my sign is just HORRIBLY SPOOKY!!!  She talked me into sharing it with you!!! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Patriotic Friendship Mixed Media Canvas

HOWDY from Joi@RR! 

Artsy Friendships

The world of artsy friendships is a tale untold. 
Our love and admiration is amazing to behold. 

There is no thought of color, ethnicity or creed. 
We are one in our creating; our inhibitions freed. 

Friendships across the world bind deep and stay true. 
Life is daily shared with artsy friends old and new. 

There are many different projects, methods and tools
But we stand united by comments and media pools. 

Hand in hand, we press forward to make creative art
Cherishing artsy friendships - so close to our heart. 


I began this project early... first of LAST month....
thinking - WOW - I will be all ahead this month. 

However.... after finishing the project... I began to make the video I wanted to go with it... and boy did it become a horse of a different color!  Slow and steady wins the race - hehehheeh.  

Here is the link to the video.... it's far from perfect but it's FUN!   You can see the process and hear about the very important reason I did this project.  Hint: It was done for all of YOU!

Now if I can just learn how to relax and breathe - the next one might be better.  I sound breathless most of the time on it!!! 

Between working on a new website and working on videos - 
it has been a wild and crazy time for me.   
HELLO???? I am an artist... not a geek!!!!!!!!!  

I know many of you have felt the exact same way when working on these types of tasks. 

So here are finished photos... a month later - how time flies!


Lots of different mixed media products used as you can see in the picture. They are all explained in the video!  I did forget one product - the Lindy's Stamp Gang Embossing Powder.

DecoArt and DecoArt Media Products

Faber Castell Pitt Pens

Archival Inks

Totally Tracy (Weinzapfel) Dare2BArtsy
 "Journal Quotes 1" Stamps

DecoArt Americana "Inspiration" Stencils

Dynasty Brushes

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my creations! 

Let me know if you liked the video... 
sure hoping it made you smile a bit. 

Sending love and friendship to you all across the miles.  
Sing - Laugh - Live!!!  Xj. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happily sharing this project with: 

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. We want you to show us a mixed media creation that's inspired by friendship. You can create anything, from tags to art journal pages but make sure it's a mixed media piece. Let's celebrate friendship together!

I truly cherish the friendships I have with all of my artsy friends across the world. You are my family as I watch you daily creating, sharing, overcoming, growing and inspiring.  You are awesome!


My painting has a Vintage flare with it's patriotic theme, rustic painting techniques, the eagle and the statue of liberty - symbols of U.S. early heritage.  The globe - of course - is a circle! But also stacking the people on top of one another (as the picture portrays) reminds me of all my artsy friends circling the globe!!


Friday, September 16, 2016

A Walk In The Park, Crafty Individuals & DecoArt

HOWDY from Joi at RR!

A few months ago I was so excited to be asked to do a sponsor spotlight for Crafty Individuals.  Some of you may have seen it but many of you didn't so: here is my recap!!! 

Hubby made a nice cedar stand for this creation.  We sent it to our sweet friends in Florida. They have a tiny little white Javanese puppy and live in a resort community. Seems perfect!!!

Below are the three wonderful Crafty Individuals products used.

Flower Heads - Rubber Stamp, Code CI-206
A Walk In The Park - Rubber Stamp, Code CI-439
Leafy Branches Mask, Code CI MASK23-LB
Picture taken after I cut the Leafy Branches Mask to use!! 

And here is my creation! 

I began with a napkin!!

Using DecoArt Decou-Page, the napkin was added to an 8x10 canvas board. Matching tissue paper from my stash seemed to be super colors for the bottom half and it had some shimmer too! 

Finished gluing - and here is the result!

Mixing DecoArt Media Yellow-Green Light Fluid Acrylics with DecoArt Media Crackle Paint, created the color for the path.   

Using a palette knife to spread the pathway and a credit card to make the grass tufts....

 Vio-la...... the crackled pathway emerged. 

Gently wiping on DecoArt Majestic Purple Metallic Lustre with my finger... the cracks were accented. 

Using some more of the Yellow-Green Light paint and my long haired brush - some more grass tufts appeared. 

Using Staz-On inks... I began using the stamp sets from Crafty Individuals.

Actually, I'm not sure why I stamped the Crafty Individuals "Walk In The Park" couple in red... just picked it up first and thought - why not.  Imagine my surprise when it was the red that made it onto the canvas.  So wild but it just seemed to be "right"!   

The stamped Crafty Individuals "Flowers Heads" were decorated with my ever faithful Faber-Castell Pitt Pens.

There were a few pieces of the napkin left, so here you see the cut-out pieces that were decopaged onto the board here and there. 
Hehehehhe - almost used every inch of that napkin! 

Using DecoArt Media Modeling Paste and the Crafty Individuals "Leafy Branches" Mask.... the archway began. In the picture below - one side is already done - and the other side is in process with the mask still attached.

Then, began the painting!! 

You can also see in this picture that the Hero Arts stamp - "appreciate WHAT IS" - was used . . . . 

The archway needed to look "special," so out came some Ranger Stickles and Liquid Pearls, to add that beautiful shimmer!

In the end...  I just couldn't stop my paint brush from hopping into my hand.  Before I knew it... the long the bunches of flowers became flowering trees!!!! 

I added a few jewels from my stash near the horizon line! 

These pictures were taken in hopes that perhaps you can see some of the glitter and shimmer of the piece. 

And here are some pictures of the finished piece. 

So happy to see the crackle thru the lovely flowers!!! 

Products Used:

Thanks bunches to Crafty Individuals for giving me this opportunity to play with such nice quality stamps and masks. It was an adventure in creativity for me!

Even on the most challenging days . . . we can all find something to appreciate each day and be thankful :)
Big Hugs. j