Tuesday, September 12, 2017

OWL STUMP: Through the Craftroom Door Magazine DT Post

Hello from Joi@RR!

We have an owl on the ranch that has lived here as long as we have!  He even lets us see him sometimes and leaves us feathers.

That's why I chose this very lovely digi image of an owl for the next Through the Craft Room Door Challenge for Sept. 12. 

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You can find the "owl eyes" image I chose HERE: 

~ ~ ~
My project is done on a dead tree stump.  It is approx. 12x8 in height and width but big around and a bit heavy!  It is cedar harvested from the ranch by hubby.  

It is made to hold something on top. Perhaps a candle. 

Here is a photo of the back of the stump.
 The wood is so much prettier in person!

I began by tracing the wonderful image onto the wood with DecoArt Americana Transfer Paper. 

Using my wood burning tool, I embedded the image into the wood. 

I used DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream to enhance the image.

You can see below where Titanium White was added for a moon glow. Next came Carbon Black and Titanium White to enhance the owl. A bit of  Patina Green on the leaves along with a tiny bit of white on the flowers.  

The image is just so pretty that my goal was to just enhance it by staying neutral! 

Products Used: 

I personally like just a small votive in the top
 but this look is fun too!! 

Thanks bunches and bunches for stopping by. 
Hope you are creating some fun fall projects too. 
I KNOW many of you are because I am 'watching'!!! Xj.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

DecoArt Media Design Team Post: Fall Stepping Stone Mixed Media Canvas

HOWDY sweet friends!

I always feel so honored (the pinch myself type of honor) when I have an art project on the DecoArt Media blog! 

This time I did a 'fall stepping stone' on canvas. 
You can view the step by step here:

Or go to this link: 

I used LOTS of mixed media products in this one too! 
Here is another sneak peak...

  I would also really appreciate you leaving a comment on my DecoArt Media page. 

Thanks bunches for visiting me today and sharing my DecoArt Media adventure!!  I truly do love these products. 

This badge is one of my proudest achievements!!  
Thank you all for your encouragement!  Xj. 


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Leaves Published Sept/Oct Through the Craft Room Door

HOWDY... from Joi@RR!

As September arrives... autumn leaves will soon be falling. 
Through the Craft Room Door Magazine has a FABULOUS Sept/Oct issue escorting in the fall holidays.

You can find the wonderful magazine here

 There are over a 100 pages of great ideas, tutorials, craft hints and photos. It is only $18 for a year.  Pretty awesome!!! 

Subscribe HERE!  

No - I promise - I don't get paid to ask you to subscribe. 
I just enjoy the magazine and the fun of contributing to it. 
 You can contribute too if you love to create! 

Click here for the submission guidelines. 

One more 'teaser' photo for you from my published submission. 
You know it has to have some 'Interference' shimmer!!!  

Thanks so much for once again checking out my art work.  
I'm hope you can see my finished piece in this Sept/Oct edition of Through The Craft Room Door Magazine

On a Personal Note: We survived Hurricane Harvey after days and days of miserable wind/rain with flooding to only two of our buildings. We are fine and our home is safe... as are the horses, cattle, chickens. Roads were closed and we could not get out for days. School is closed, of course.  But all is well. Now we have Hurricane flood survivors staying at the ranch.  We are thankful to be able to be a blessing to others. Xj.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pumpkin Person; Through the Craft Room Door Magazine

Hello from Joi@RR!

Oh how I love fall...
the leaves, the colors... 
and ORANGE... my favorite of all. 

Pumpkin Person... I LOVE fall! 

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Using a WinkWink Image: Pumpkin Person:

Here is my version of her smiling face!!!

Project Steps: 

Hubby cut and sanded a 30"x36" piece of cedar from our land. 
I will use this project for a fall display here at the ranch!

I applied the wonderful Pumpkin Person image with Matte Medium.  It was large so there were several different pieces to apply.  I chose the image that already had some lovely color on it and just added the letters that I liked best.  Several choices of words for the banner comes with it!

Using my handy little sand paper I gave her a good shave so that the paint would stick well and be smooth. 

With Black Gesso I added the Jacobean Floral stencil around the base of my Pumpkin Person. 

With Crackle Paint and the Autumn Falling stencil some leaves were placed within the flowers.

The leaves were painted with some Metallic Lustre and Fluid Acrylics. They shimmer in such a lovely way!

I lightly painted over the Pumpkin Person with White Gesso to add  more shimmering Metallic Lustre paint to the body.

With the new Stampendous Birds and Bones Stencil Set by Andy Skinner, the Pumpkin Person had a few friends to talk to on her arm. 

DecoArt and DecoArt Media Products Used: 

Soon fall will be on it's way... in some places it already has come. Thanks bunches for sharing time with me! Xj.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Stampendous Andy Skinner Bird and Bones Painting

Howdy All from Joi at the Ranch.  
A hurricane is about to make landfall... so as you read this... we will be 'holding on' in Texas! 
Say a prayer for us if you are so inclined! 

Today it's all about Andy Skinner's Stampendous release of his Birds and Bones stamp set.  

Can I tell you a story??? 

Once upon a time...
 in the land of DecoArtDeliriums, King Scampeous A. Skinner reigned over Ravenswood Castle.  He adored ravens.  Murder after murder lived within the castle walls. Andy's gigantic army of Crafty Stampendous Soldiers, assisted by the ravens, always protected the land. The ravenous ravens made it possible for the soldiers to remain transparent to the bone. They won many victories due to the sheer terror felt when the army approached.  If you look towards the misty moon at night... you would see the beloved raven that stole Andy's heart. King Andy was well loved by his loyal followers and traveled throughout the land sharing artsy interludes amongst the nations. 

~ ~ ~

Here is how this project was done!

My grandson drew the castle and the gate. 
 I was thrilled to have his help!! 

I stamped out dozens of all the great figures from Andy's Stampendous set onto tissue paper. 

Using the DecoArt Americana Stencil 'Branching Out'... 
the process of making a creepy tree for the ravens began!

Applying a coat of DecoArt Media black gesso to the tree. 

Then some DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics and DecoArt Weathered Wood Crackle Medium. 

When dry... the tree was covered in DecoArt Media Patina Green Antiquing Cream.

After using DecoArt Matte Medium for the raven that stole Andy's heart (see his heart right in the center of the bird???) the moon was created with Glass Beads Texture Gel. 

Here is just a process photo! The castle, gate and soldiers were also attached by using Matte Medium.  The sky was painted with Prussian Blue Hue fluid acrylics. I love this color because as you paint with it - so many hues can be seen.  The grass was painted with Green Gold Fluid Acrylic and Lavish Green Metallic Lustre. 

Other stamp sets by Andy were used: 
'Toxic' and 'Handle with Care'.

Real chain was used on the gate.

Unfortunately, one of the soldiers did not follow the 'dare to be artsy' code of conduct!!!  A bit of rope was needed.

The stones on the gate was a mix of Fluid Acrylics as well as DecoArt Media Textured Sand Paste, Crackle Glaze.
It was finished with a coat of Gloss Varnish. 

Just a few close-ups for you to enjoy!! 

Andy's stamp actually says Poison...
but we overlaid the name of his castle instead!!! 

Proudly flying Andy's skull banner over Ravenswood Castle. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Hope you had a chuckle or two while here. Xj.