Monday, June 1, 2015

Guest Designer Project for Rhedd's Creative Spirit Altered Art


Guest Designer Project for Rhedd's Creative Spirit Altered Art 

Hi everybody... Joi here for another fun sharing time with you.  

Sooooooooooooooo.... ok - I am just going to be up front and tell you (since most of you know anyway - eheheheh).... this is my very first time to be a Guest Designer.  YES - you are right - you know me so well.... I am blessed, honored and GIDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Do you know how creative the folks are at Rhedd's Creative Spirit? They are FABULOUS.  After all - they have CREATIVE in their name!!! I love seeing all the different ways that they come up with to alter anything from the tiniest box to larger type furnishings.

Let me tell you... my imagination is not nearly as expandable as theirs so what in the world was I going to do for them???? 
For days and days... my thinking cap was throwing off fumes from discarding every idea that popped into my head.  Ugh. 

Then one day, I was out on our wrap around porch - glanced across to the cow pasture to admire the new calves and literally stubbed my toe on.... WHAT?  Would you believe... A BEAR?  

That crazy bear had been sitting there in virtually the same spot for the past year. He was chipped, moldy, wind damaged, and had lost the fish that used to hang out of his mouth.  Nope - no idea how that fish got away!!!!!!!!

With my big toe pounding - right then and there - I decided that bear had to go.  Bending over to pick it up, I felt the strangest rumble in my thinking cap and then as I stood up... that ole thinking cap started to hiss and crank and sputter.  By the time I had walked around to the trash can... there was no way to let go of Mr. Bear and toss him.  My thinking cap was now in purring mode and even with an aching toe... I knew that we had found an answer.  

Drum roll please.....

Mr. Pygmy Bear.... meet Rhedd's Creative Spirit friends&family.  

(Keep reading if you want to know how he got his name!)

Now onto the rest of the story!!!

Here is a snap of the bear BEFORE! But he was much worse looking than the picture shows - not salvageable - as he was.  He is made out of a hard plastic mold but it will chip and the fish totally broke off his mouth so... it's seems like a strange plastic.
P.S. My work space is organized - sure can't tell it here!!  

I absolutely adore bright shimmery shiny sparkly colors. Since we have some 'Baylor University Bears' in our family... Mr. Pygmy Bear was painted in green and gold. 

And it was really nothing more than just that - painting.

Mr. Pygmy Bear himself was done with the following items:
Pebeo Studio Acrylics DYNA - Iridescent Green Yellow
Pebeo Studio Acrylics DYNA - Iridescent Precious Gold
Ranger Ice Stickles - Diamond
Ranger Ice Stickles - Black Diamond

Mr. Pygmy Bear's cliff side was done with:
Ranger Alcohol Inks - lots of colors

You will also so some of the following little creatures:
lady bug
large butterfly
small butterfly

Mr. Pigmy Bear's earth was done with the following: 
Pebeo Studio Acrylics DYNA - Iridescent Green Yellow
Preserved Spanish Moss
Pecans (from the ranch)
Acorns (from the ranch)
Rocks (from the ranch)
Wood (from the ranch)
A few real leaves too!
Prima Flowers

And Mr. Pygmy Bear is a fair size - here is a picture with a ruler!

After the project was finished, I shared sweet Mr. Pgymy Bear was some friends.  One of the guys pulled my hubby aside and said he like the bear but the pecans were a bit big compared to the bear. My every loyal - precious hubby of 43 years as of May 27 said... 
"Oh - didn't you know... this is Mr. Pygmy Bear".

Needless to say... I was so proud of hubby for saving me!!!
And everyone was laughing loudly at his quick humor too!

It was a fun project to do. Sure hope you enjoyed my little narrative about this creation.  I am very very excited to be a Guest Designer for Rhedd's Creative Spirit. Thanks bunches to all.  Hugs j. 


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