Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Butterfly and Roses on Wood


Hello to all you sweet folks out there!! 

Here is a fun 8x10" Finnabair inspired mixed media on wood creation. 

Whew - it went thru SUCH a metamorphosis - over and over and over again.  

I can't even remember how many different colors this was before I was finally at peace.

And.... here it is.......  :)

Some of the items that were used in this project!!  

Started out with wood - hubby cut so they would stand up. 

I used Marta's technique from Finnabair's Spread Your Wings Academy.  
You can find it here: 

Finnabair was the first mixed media video tutorial I saw when I started on this journey and the first type of mixed media project I ever did.  So when she announced (on my anniversary) that this new Academy was starting - I knew I wanted to learn from it.

On thing for sure, after working on this project... I, for sure, have a LOT to learn so I am very very excited for the next tutorials. 

To begin... I covered the wood with gesso - of course!!! And then the fun and frustration and fun and mistakes and fun began!!!

I added texture paste through stencil first and then began gluing down all the metal pieces, canvas pieces, lace, wood, chain etc.

Next came the layers of paint!!  And more texture - glass beads and fiber paste.  More gesso, more paint... and you know how it goes.

I did think to snap a picture at one frustrating point - dear me!!!


And here is a picture of my Finnabair metal flower turned butterfly!  I was so proud of myself for thinking of what a pretty butterfly it would make.  But I'm sure someone along the way was just as clever as I thought myself to be!!!!  

Wish you could see all of this in person.  I just couldn't capture a good picture of the cute little butterfly!!!  There are also more of  Finn's flowers - on I literally folding in half - it's over on the right side - and put fuzzy yarn inside for the stamen.  Just can't see it in the pics - boohoo.

Picture of Finnabair flower before it became a butterfly!!


I am showing you the back because I did the same technique on the front but it didn't show in the end.  My first time every doing a clear ink with stencil for a "resist".  So fun and I loved how it looks on the back of the wood. YEAH!!!! 

As always - I soooooooooooo appreciate you taking the time to stop by, read and look!  You always make me so happy with your precious comments and every now and then I even giggle!!!  

Hugs. j.

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