Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2015!!

I'm so excited!  This is my first year to do this challenge.  

This first tag of the new year was wonderful for me... very therapeutic... in it's own way.  

As much as I wish I did... I didn't have all of the incredible products handy and I live 2 hours from the nearest craft shop so... I used what I had!  It was so much fun.  

My card was 4.75 x 2.25 and the letters/numbers I had were way to large for my card.  So I had to put on my thinking cap! Of course, my first thought always goes to the natural products from right here at the ranch. 

Sweet hubby cut me some tiny flat rounds from a branch and that worked perfectly for punching the numbers into the wood. I added some mat gel to make sure the bark stayed on and to enrich the wood a bit.  

I didn't have the WONDERFUL tissue paper (but I want it!!!) so I used regular tissue with mat gel and after it was dry... I used inks to make the background colors.  I had a Tim Holtz Schoolhouse number stencil and made my own numbers down the side - to be similar to the numbers on Tim's tissue paper.  They were in gold but you can barely see them now with the words on top.  

I didn't have any words either... so I printed them and did alot of cutting!  It took quite a while to find them all but... I really enjoyed getting in touch with my feelings about the year ahead.

I had a couple of "crafty" charms which make me smile so I thought they were perfect for a touch of bling!  And in the end, it just seemed like the chain looked perfect with the entire effect of the tag.  I use chains on my tags more than any thing else.  Perhaps because most of my tags have a touch of some kind nature item from the ranch!!!  

Thanks bunches for the opportunity to be a part of this 12 tags challenge and for giving me the inspiration to think about the year ahead in such a fun way.  

Wishing everyone twelve months of expressive creativity and fun!!  joi@RR


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Michell said...

Love your tag! Have a wonderful 2015.