Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunshine Souls and Daydream Acres



This is a land of fantasy and freedom.

A community of loyal friends and ultimate fun.

A friend could be any one - from robot to rebel.

Everyone and everything is welcome. 

Everyone and everything is always safe and happy. 

The sun shines love into hearts and dreams come true.

Walk among the village, the lanes, the parks.

Relax to the floating mystical waves of musical pleasure. 

Stroll thru buildings filled with whatever your mind wants to see:
a museum, a library, a church, a theater, a dining feast.  

The Chaumont Barn contains any critter the way you imagine it. 

See nature in it's most glorious array your eyes could behold.

Acres of daydreams will heap sunshine on your soul. 

Life is contentment. Contentment is joy. 

Sunshine is in your soul today!

Are you ready to go visit?  I know I am!!!  

See ya there... joi 
~ ~ ~

This 2' x2' acrylic on canvas painting was created with the 
Scrap Around the World Mood Board in my mind. 

Here is Scrap Around The World March Mood Board. 

The horse was my inspiration because I had never drawn
or painted a horse before.  Since there was also a robot and
a futuristic theme... it encouraged me to TRY the horse. Why?  
Because I knew that it could look very strange and that would be 
ok in a futuristic world!!!  That gave me the courage to proceed :)

The colors interested me - so basic and as the mood board
designer Terhi stated - minimalist - gray, white, yellow, blue. 
The twine reminded me of rope and with horses there is rope!

I used lots of paper, die cuts, stamps, stickers, rub-ons, distress
and acrylic paints, embossing powder, metal tacks, and twine!

The horse was hand drawn and painted... humble as it may be! 



Татьяна said...

Magnificent canvas !!!!Thank you for playing at Scrap Around The World!

Nicole Doiron said...

This is a true masterpiece! Beautiful! Thank you for playing along with us this month at Scrap Around the World!

Tanya Dudkina said...

Oh wow! This is incredible! Love it! Thank you for playing with scrap around the world

Terhi Koskinen said...

Spectacular! Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for playing along with us at SATW <3

Angelique G. said...

Grr! Google ate my comment. lol Must be hungry.

Since you left such a thoughtful comment on my blog, I thought I'd gallop over to yours and get inspired. Hello inspiration overload. I really enjoy the uninhibited manner in which you embrace the different challenges. That's always a beautiful thing, in my world.

In this particular piece, I just LOVE the eyes. The eyes say it all. They're large, heartwarming, and filled with daydreams. Which I think really explains everything else on the page. Living in the Texas countryside myself, I can see how every little item really completes the big picture. If the future encompasses this piece of sunshine, we'll all be quite lucky indeed!

May your muse continue to shine brightly!

langeatheart said...

Beautiful canvas! Your artwork is stunning! I love that you used the horse as the focal point so would Terhi whose board it is! Amazing work! All the best from SATW! :)

Chris Stern / CS Designs said...

What an amazing piece of art Joi, I love all the intricate detail, especially your hand drawn and painted horse. It is such a pleasure to see your own original work added to the canvas, it really makes the piece what it is and it is fantastic.
:) Chris / CS Designs

Unknown said...

Hi Chris! I actually thought of you while doing this piece!!! I remembered telling you that I had never used digital images. And I still haven't as far as downloading one but I did use tissue on this and it made me realize how nice it would be to try some digital ones soon!!! You are so kind to message me. It was fun to make my imaginary land!!! j.

sarascloset said...

I love this! Lovely colors and a great horse! Well done!