Tuesday, August 4, 2015



We can plan, schedule, work, create, hope, dream.... it's all good.... but bottom line...

Every morning when I wake up... 
I am thankful for another day.
Even with it's challenges... 

I am still thankful for another day.

an opportunity to find one positive thing. 

a moment to see one beautiful thing. 

a time to savor a moment of peace..
 a moment of fun...
a moment of joy. 

Can you finish the sentence? 

I painted this 20" x 24" mixed media on canvas for the theme:
 The challenge: to make a romantic scene/beach scene/or both. 

Here is the mood board: 

I have to tell you... this was a tough challenge for me. 
As some of you know... I am not a beach gal nor have I ever been enamored by sea shells and the like!! 
I am a lake gal and love to fish.
So I thought and thought and thought - what can I do.

Wanna hear something funny??? 
I am not the romantic type either.  
Just a simple gal happy with a simple life. 
secretly - I always wanted to go to a romantic island somewhere and go skinny dipping with hubby.  So crazy huh!!!!
We never went but... remembering that - made me think of this setting plus I saw a picture on the internet of balcony table too. 
So... off I went to create my skinny dipping beach - eheheheh!!

I'm really bummed because I forgot to take pictures. 
The background with the water was so pretty before I added the railings - I wanted you to see it.  I'm trying to remember how many layers of paint it took to make the water look like 'water'.  I just kept adding one color over another in a Z shaped pattern.  I know it has more than a dozen layers - of about 5 different colors!  Some of the colors had shimmer in them too.

I really thought I took one but it's just not here - boo hoo.  

But I did take a picture of the products I used!

I used a Hero Arts Stamp Set that I bought used so I think it is an older set - for the sentiment on the  mugs.

I stamped with Teal Blue StazOn Ink on tissue paper and Deco-paged the stamped sentiment onto the mugs.

Guess what they say!!!???  Today... Life Is!

I painted the water and the table first.  
Then added the railings... whew... now that took patience! 
But I had so much fun painting them.  

The whole picture was just such a wonderful experiment in techniques and products. 

The canvas is 1.5 inches deep on the sides and painted to match!

The flowers are hand painted.  I looked up tropical flowers in white and looked at a picture as I drew them onto the canvas. Sorry to say - they don't look like the picture but at least it gave me an idea!

I didn't get a very good picture of the flowers on the left side. They were just some I made up as I went - just thought it needed a vine up the side.

Not a very good tutorial this time... 
but perhaps it's because I was just enjoying the painting experience so much.  I really loved doing this one.  

Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone Samra!

As always... thanks bunches and bunches for stopping by to read my blog.  And I want to tell you too that I recently got a few comments that just left me teary eyes.  You guys have no idea how much your sweet thoughts touch me.  I know how busy you all are so... again thanks bunches.  
Hugs. j. 



Samra said...

This is one breathtaking canvas!!! If you did not tell us about not being romantic and not being into the sea and shells, I would have thought that you were a the most romantic sea loving person EVER!!! LOL
I love your creation and I would like to thank you so very much for creating this piece for the challenge I am hosting at Anything But Cute!

Samra DT for Anything But Cute
Paper Talk with Samra

Valerie-Jael said...

I LOVE your canvas, and the soft colours. It is full of light, just wonderful.The shadows are great too, and add such depth. Really well done here, a masterpiece! Have a great day, enjoy life, hugs, Valerie

yyam said...

It is beautiful! And it does take lots of layers to create depth and realism. You did an awesome job!

Lizzy Hill said...

When I grow up I want to be able to paint like you!! Oh.....hang on a jiffy....I AM growd up. And I can't. Aaaah well - least I can drop by and oooh and aaah and sigh! LOOOOVE this. I am a beach sea sand girl and this pushes all my buttons! Thank you for creating it:):)

Pamellia said...

Holy cow Joi, you are blowing my mind right now!! I am in awe of this beautiful canvas! Your flowers are so amazing, I was oohing and aahing at the detail for quite some time before I could pull myself away!! You are a talented lady and I am so honoured and pleased that you have joined us for our Summer Romance challenge at Anything But Cute!! Big hugs, Pamellia DT :)

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Joi - I love it that your stretched yourself so significantly on this project, to such great effect. As for life is? Gratitude immediately springs to mind. xo

sarascloset said...

Wow, Wow, WOW, Joi! Your balcony scene is so summery and romantic--2 coffee mugs in the morning light can only mean ONE thing! Your painting is just amazing, my dear! I will echo what Lizzy said...I want to be able to paint like you if I ever grow up, that is!

Your water looks like you just took a photo off your seaside balcony--the light is just perfect! How in the WORLD do you do this???? Amazing artwork! I could just sit and stare at this for hours and comment, comment, comment, but alas, my time at my computer is over, so let me just say thank you for joining our Summer Romance challenge at Anything But Cute. I'm so happy you did! Big hugs! Sara Emily DT

Cec said...

Absolutely stunning and sure shows your talent - me, I can't draw a straight line without a ruler so I am in awe. The vignette you created is so serene and I would love to be sitting on that balcony looking out at the water with a cup of coffee. Thanks for joining us at Anything But Cute.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Joi. This is a gorgeous canvas and the sentiments are beautiful. The shadows, the couple, it's all truly romantic, love it. Angela x

Lisa Minckler said...

What a knock out!!! It's grasps the essence of all those challenges perfectly and I love the colors and soothing vibe it sends out. Wonderful job :)

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful work of art! Those blossoms are oh so pretty!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Absolutely fantastic piece of art. I adore the scene you have set and the colours and atmosphere you have created are so perfect for,the challenge. I love the shadows you achieved too. Brilliant piece . Tracy x

Jackie PN said...

Absolutely incredible!! At first I thought it was digital!!
Joi! Your painting skills are remarkable- I'm so envious!!
Love the skinny dipping thing! My hub and I did that on a beach on Lake Ontario about 5 years ago- it was Columbus day weekend and no one was around because of the time of year- it was warm around 76 and we just got crazy and went for it! Yikes cold at first but we got used to it and there is nothing like it- the freeness- yea! Give it a try! teeheehee

Pamellia said...

Congratulations for being chosen as a Design Team Favourite at Anything But Cute!! Your project is so amazing! Don't forget to come by and grab your badge. Hope to see you this month too. Pamellia DT :)

gracescraps@gmail.com said...

Fabulous canvas, Joi!! You are so talented!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

butterfly said...

What an atmosphere of calm serenity you've created - a lovely painting.
Alison xx

Ella Swan said...

This is so lovely Joi! A beautiful & tranquil creation. Full of peace & beauty. Sure it must have been very therapeutic to create :)