Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BEGINNING... Mixed Media Collage


Hello All My Sweet Friends.... 

Today is DAY 7 of
7 favorite posts from 2015.

Once again... thanks bunches and bunches dear...
Candy Colwell for nominating me to do these posts!

New Year - 2015 - full of new beginnings if we choose to take the "ticket"...

This project was made as a result of a challenge from Jimmy Leslie to make a mixed media collage.  This was from my first ever online workshop... Creative Jumpstart 2015 with Nathalie Kalbach. 

 Would you believe I had never used spray paint or fabric on a project before but that was part of the assignment so I did it!!
The theme was New Beginnings. 

The suggestion was to use a wooden board.  This creation measures 16" x 20".   It is done with gesso, modeling paste, spray paint, regular paint, gelatos, markers, stamps, ink, everything but the kitchen sink... and I spent some time there too!!!  

Here is how it began. 

Next - work on background and puzzle with stencil, paints and sprays then begin gluing down some of the pieces. 

After pieces added - more stencils and paints! 

For extra dimension and color there are small pieces of pointed wood covered in gelli print paper, a tiny puzzle that I painted with a new design, frayed fabric cut in a circular shape, a red heart paper doily, some silver metal bling shapes, and some chain.  

I added the small collage of watch parts because even though the new year was just beginning - the older I get - the faster time flies by... so any "new beginning" seems to be focused to some extent on the passing of time!  

And of course, a key attached to the chain - with the words New Beginning and 15 for 2015!

Will you take the new ticket, work the puzzles of life and make it a year of growth (especially artistically - hehehehe)???  Or will you tear up your ticket (see the one laying at the bottom left?) and leave the fun challenges behind?  WHICH WAY???!!!!  

Thank so much for taking time to go back with me through some of my 2015 projects... I tried to choose the unusual ones for you!! As you can see - I can do most any kind of artsy craftsy projects but... working with mixed media on canvas is where you will find me happiest!  Hugs. Joi



Candy C said...

Wow Joi! This is just awesome! Your art is so transitional. You can do all kinds of different things and I think that is one thing that I love about your work...it's unpredictable. This piece has alot going on but you've got such a knack of not overdoing things. Even with all of this pattern and color, it's still just brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing you work on Facebook! It was so much fun to see!

Linsey R said...

Hi Joi! Wow, this piece is truly spectacular!!! I absolutely love the puzzle, your awesome stenciling and the overall fun and excitement it evokes!! Marvelous work, my new friend!!! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your super sweet comment--made my day! :)

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Joi, This is incredible and I love the symbolism behind each element. Fabulous art.

Sandra Cox said...

What fun! And how creative.

Gio said...

Such a gorgeous and dinamic collage , Joi! :-)

Claudia N. said...

Wowzers, Joi! Such an incredible collage!
And so many wonderful details to discover! I love it when art takes me on a journey with lots of things to explore! ;)
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my makes!!!! They really mean a lot (and I know I am a lazy comments writer...*blush)!!!

Big hug,
Claudia xxx

yyam said...

I love it! So many fun elements to check out...:)