Friday, April 1, 2016

Gypsy Fayre at Our Creative Corner - Misty the Gypsy Nag!


 Do you have a gypsy nature???

I bet you do?

At Our Creative Corner... we want see your gypsy nature... 
Let your creativity run wild and free like a gypsy!

CREATE any interesting item/items that you might see at a traditional Gypsy Fayre. 

USE THREE (3) colors from the feature pallet above
show us how your project is inspired by this gorgeous Ode to the Gypsy Soul. 

I just can't wait to see what you create!! :)

Blessed are the gypsies. The makers of music, artists, writers, dreamers of dreams, wanderers and vagabonds, children and misfit: for they teach us to see the world through beautiful eyes.

Gypsies are wanderers, purveyors of exquisite things, mysterious things, free-spirited Bohemians curating the beauty of life and sharing the wonder with you as they travel along. 

Tando Creative is the sponsor for this months challenge. 


And now... for the gypsy nature in me..... 
Misty the Gypsy Nag!!! 

Yes, we do have a horse named Misty here at the ranch.  She is our oldest horse and trust me.... she is a NAG!!!!!!!!!!  

I by looking on the internet for a wagon I liked and then began drawing on a 16x20 canvas. I used DecoArt Media Paints.

Heheheheh - just couldn't resist playing with the eyes!!!!!! Are you laughing. Yes - I was doubtful at this as to my success!!!! 

And bad went to worse as time went by but I just remind myself... first coat, first coat, first coat!!!

I did the original yellow background with DecoArt Media Yellow Shimmer Mister.

The stencil is from The Crafter's Workshop - Balzer Designs - Mini Hex Flowers. They just reminded me of Gypsy Fayre!!

So now it's time to start on the horse's colorful mane!

I really used every color on the Our Creative Corner Mood Board.... even though you only need to use three!! 
I just HAD to make it bright!! 

Here are a couple of the colors and my wonderful wonderful fav brush for painting "hair" of any kind. 

Here is a close-up of the colors in the mane!!

After looking and looking at the picture... 
I decided I didn't like my wagon so it got an overhaul!!! 
Out came the gesso and more yellow Shimmer Mister.

Ahhhhhhh.....much better.... at least to me!!! 

Now need to add decor to the front (see picture below) for more Gyspy Fayre!

I also went back and redid some of my stenciling... 
Gypsy Fayre flowers... just have to have them! 

Same stencil but instead of paint, this time I used markers.

And here are some close-ups of the finished painting. 

As always, thanks bunches for stopping by for a visit. 
My reply button still does not work but please know...I am so grateful for your comments and read each one!

I will be watching for your entry to...

And... I will leave you a comment when you enter :)
Hugs, joi 



Karen said...

This caught my eye on my blogger dashboard Joi and my oh my I am so happy I came over to take a closer look. It's blooming beautiful huni! Love, love, love! I also wanted to apologise for not commenting for a while. I have been over because I have been enjoying seeing your beautiful art, you have lots of talent huni.
I know who I will be coming too for tips because I am struggling with acrylic paints - inks and watercolours no problem but acrylics have me scratching my head as I can't figure out what am I doing wrong as my art looks so ugly once I have painted my images. Keep it up Joi you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are sweet lady Karen xx

Juliz Design Post said...

This is gorgeous Joi. The eyes on your horse are incredibly lifelike and the colours are perfect for this challenge theme. Beautiful work.
Hugs, Julie x

Valerie-Jael said...

Your gorgeous horse with the coat of many colours is wonderful, great theme, too. Hugs, Valerie

Jennie Atkinson said...

Wow Joi! what a wonderful canvas. Such an amazing drawing and then your colouring. Just absolutely stunning and a wonderful take on the challenge theme this month Lovely to have you here on the OCC team xxx

Cec said...

I am in absolute awe because I can't draw a straight line without a ruler and you can do this. WOW. I love the bright colours on your wonderful horse and the gypsy wagon.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fantastic piece, the drawing alone is wonderful and then you bring it to life with your vibrant colours. The mane on the horse is amazing. Love this and how you used the paints. Tracy x

Lynne Moncrieff said...

You captured a beautiful spirit to the horse, are you sure she is a nag?!!!
I love the colours, especially on her mane, amazing beauty radiating from this artwork.

Brenda Brown said...

Oh my Joi your talent abounds, this is such a magnificent painting of your beautiful horse and that fabulous gypsy caravan. It is such a brilliant representation of my ideas and feelings of the gypsy spirit of being care free and wild (in the nicest sense of the word). I'm sure there is a lot of that in me and you and artists everywhere. I so love your creative and happy spirit my friend.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs Brenda xxx said...

Wow what am amazing horse! I love the colours you used, they look so vibrant and fun. Welcome to the team, hugs Jan x

Pawsitively Creative said...

Joi, your nag sure is a beaut! Love the many different colors in the mane and the details around the eyes. Your caravan looks like it could take anyone on a jaunty ride through many different terrains and end with a festive and fun campfire filled with wonderful stories from old. Congrats on your DT spot as well! You are on fire dearie! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

craftytrog said...

Congratulations Joi! And, your art is absolutely stunning! I love your Gipsy nag! xxx

Lys said...

A gorgeous canvas, Joi, and the horse is so expressive!

Astrid Maclean said...

Total awesomeness!!!! This is outstanding, wow, wow, wow, oh to be able to draw a horse like that..... LOVE those colours and the eyes and, and and....

Tincan Crafter said...

Joi - your magnificent nag in its rich and vibrant colours is just perfect for the challenge. Thank you so much for creating such a splendid piece of fine art for the Gypsy Fayre - you are so talented and amazing at everything you do. I would love to hang this piece in my living room, the colours would fit the living room theme decor to a tee. Thank you also for the beautiful words on my blog post. Much love always -candice -

Pamellia said...

OK, I think I'm in love with your psychedelic horse and I'm gonna want to adopt him for my very own! I just need to build a psychedelic stables to hold him in!! lol. Honestly loving your creative thinking on this one, what a glorious work of art my friend! Every time I scroll up, I see something new in the whirlwind of colours! Well freaking done, and another congrats by the way! You have brought such a fresh new style to that team, way to go! hugs :)

Candy C said...

Joi...I am so glad that I came by your blog rather than just looking at this amazing art on Facebook. So much more to see and read here. You just blow me away with how you can draw and paint! I'm still such a novice at that. I really love your adaptation of the gypsy theme. Love the wagon and your lovely Misty. Your colors are just awesome. DecoArt is so lucky to have you on their DT! :) You're so creative and I love your art. I also wanted to take a second to thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. You always inspire me. <3

SewPaperPaint said...

What a perfect painting for this challenge, Oh I wish we had more time to work on this one, as I have zillions of ideas dancing in my head. Primarily filling an entire book with gypsy collages!!! ;0 Such an inspiration to see your fabulous work. Big Monday hugs to you, Autumn

MaryH said...

It must be so exciting to watch as you're creating these paintings & projects. This one would have just blown my mind at thinking of something to meet the challenge, but oh my, did you ever, just perfectly. Love the magical horse combined with the caravan (well, horses pulled those wagons!) and you have created sheer magic with this canvas. Love all those brilliant colors, and such fine texture in that mane. Loved the eyes too - she's very flirty! This is just awesome... TFS

experiments in paper said...

Well, I love how Misty's eyes turned out!! And that fabulous mane!!! And beautiful face!! Stunning, Joi - and looks like you had fun! I love your mantra "first coat, first coat, first coat" - love that you punch through the doubt to a wonderful piece! xxx Lynn

sarascloset said...

Joi! it is such a JOY to be here, finally! I've been trying to get caught up with everyone who has been sweet enough to visit me, even in my self centeredness of posting, but not visiting! Trust me, I've had a very good excuse! It's called a laptop with a mind of it's own. Well, that little trip to Hilda's house yielded me not only old sewing patterns and peeling wall paper, but a keyboard! I'm in Heaven!

Speaking of Heaven, your nag is heavenly, surreal and creative to the 100th degree! Perfect for a Gypsy Fayre and your wagon speaks of new lands to explore! Awesome colors on Misty, and just a beautiful painting! As always! Congrats on your new gig at Our Creative Corner--you will just be such an asset to the team and since I peeked back a post, another HUGE high five is in order! I'm raising my glass to you gal, and even though it's only filled with water, it is in celebration of you and your appointment to the DA blog! I'm sooooo happy for you and proud of you! Big hugs, my dear! And thank you for being such a faithful, supportive friend. Lots of love to YOU!

Lisa Minckler said...

THAT is AWESOME!!! I could just gaze at the mane for forever...the colors are entrancing!! I'm in complete awe at your painting here. Beautiful work...absolutely love this. :)

Jackie PN said...

Joi! I am so glad I popped back over! I thought I had commented the first time! Must have been all the excitement of your gorgeous use of color!! Pow and Wow! I love every delicious detail in your Bohemian painting- so full of the gypsy lifestyle!
Congrats on the appointment to the DT as well!
Jackie xo

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love your Gypsy Nag - she's a corker, and I can see she's full of the wanderlust and colour that personifies the Gypsy life. Well done, Joi - beautiful! xo

Lee-Anne said...

Wow, Joi...what an absolutely stunning piece of artwork! Congrats on your new gig!

Suchi said...

Such a wonderfully colored and brilliantly made artwork! LOVE it Joi! :)
Suchi xx