Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Abstract or Not? DecoArt Media on Canvas

Howdy sweet friends....

Here I am, cringing a bit, because I am sharing an 8x10 canvas painting that seems to be ever so popular with everyone but ME!!! 

Have you ever had that happen????

I painted a series of white lilies. The instructions were to do one on a blue background, one on a yellow background and one on a pink background. 

A while back I shared the first pink one with you.
This is it! 

The second pink one was to be abstract. And apparently, somehow it passed the abstract test and is well loved.  

Now this will come as a surprise to you since you know how I adore bright colors but I do not care for the second pink lily.  On the other hand - I rather enjoy the first one.  And... let me remind you too that I am not a fan of pastel pink. So... hello???  What in the world is happening to me!!!!???

Nevertheless... here are some pictures of the hot pink, abstract, wild and willowy white lily. 

I began with a light pink background. Then drew in my lily design with a Stabillo All pencil. Next, I loosely painted in the colors with my fingers - my favorite way to paint.  

On the background I used DecoArt Media Tinting Base to change the DecoArt Media Primary Magenta Fluid Acrylics to lots of different colors.  YES - every color of pink you see in this painting is made from the Primary Magenta!  Fun huh???

Below you can see all the DecoArt products used.  My brush and stencil cleaner is a mess but that is the BEST stuff on the planet.  I always grab it with the messy hands of a finger painter. I can't seem to keep any of my paints very clean though.  My work space is neat - just not my bottles!

And here are a few more pictures. 

And the old switch-a-roo question?  
Should it go vertical or horizontal??? 

Moral of this story....

Some like it hot, 
some like it cold,
Some like it very much...
not me... truth be told!!! 

Heheheheheh - HUGS, joi



Brenda Brown said...

Like you Joi I am amazed when I get great reviews of a piece of my art that just doesn't quite cut it for me but then I have to remember that everyone else is seeing it with fresh eyes and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your bright pink lily painting sure is a beauty to me. I love how you bring your flowers to life and the design is best in the portrait position for me too. Great job my friend xxx

Lizzy Hill said...

I can't believe you get all those pinks like that....sounds FUN! Naturally, I adore this. I like the simplicity of the design with the depth from the pinks. And I Like it Portrait. And it's a shame you don't like it so much, but it's pretty 'CAS' so I get that!!!! Still like it;)!!!

Pamellia said...

Wow Joi, just as gorgeous as always! Love the pink background with the subtle bouquet behind your focal flower and I adore that you paint on the sides as well, really creates a great flow to your piece! I'm not surprised you get rave reviews on your work, as a huge fan I don't see how anyone couldn't adore your art! hugs :)

Karen said...

Joi I have to admit this is my favourite. It's very beautiful, I love that rich pink,the unusual texture, the way the flower seems to be blowing in the wind, just gorgeously yummy and so up my street, so to speak lol! Keep on experimenting huni as it's working. Also, to me, the mucky bottles mean you are using them and you are just doing what you should, as an artist because you are one fab artist Karen xx

Redanne said...

There was a time when I said I hated pink but I am liking it more and more these days - and the brighter, the better! Your lily drawing is superb and the 'texture' you created in the pink looks amazing. I like the portrait view best and personally, I think you are a wonderful artist! Anne xx

Nan G said...

Ok here's the fly in the gushing ointment, I don't care for it. So I'm on your side Joi. I liked the flower better when it was just a rough sketch. You've added to many refined details to be abstract. In my opinion. Love love the background. Magenta and white tinting, huh?! Cool. Keeping it as is, I vote for vertical. Can you blur it up a bit? :) Just asking.... Hugs

Nan G said...

Oops I meant the flower in vertical. So I guess that would landscape for the canvas.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I like both of the lily paintings, but I must say I enjoy the stronger pink one the most. Regardless, I always laugh because inevitably, my paintings I like the least are often the most-beloved by others. Thank goodness we're not all alike, right?! Well done, Joi!!

Jackie PN said...

hahaaa cute lil poem Joi!! heehee

sarascloset said...

Oh, dear! I still have not figured out how to follow if it's not on e-mail, and I miss so many wonderful posts! But I am here now, and very pleased to get to see this. My heart says this is one gorgeous canvas, and I prefer it in the horizontal, landscape orientation. Here's what I love about this: your background as an abstract garden is lovely. In fact, I'm so very impressed by this, and fun to learn how you used that one color to get so many shades. I'm sold on the tinting base now! I also love the extremely realistic looking lily, but the more I squint my eyes and really look at this, I think there seems to be so much contrast between the abstract and realistic that I can see why you might be scratching your head over it. That being an honest evaluation, I can also say I adore ALL of your work--you have a certain style that is unmistakable, and that is the sign of a fabulous artist, in my humble opinion! Big hugs!