Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kitchen Table Memories on Wood Slats: DecoArt Maxx Gloss

Howdy Dear Artsy Friends!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my brothers and their families here at the ranch. No turkey though except wild ones! The guys wanted prime rib. My favorite part of the meal is always the yummy family recipe for dressing/stuffing. We only have it once a year and I always wonder WHY??!! 

Thinking back over the years...some of my happiest times were spent at kitchen tables.  Not just in the family, but with friends too. 
And not only for eating - for crafts and games - for anything and everything! Mama had a huge kitchen table and now I have it. It's very special to me - to all of us.  So when a friend asked for me to paint this sign... it seemed like the perfect project. 

The sign is 2 ft by 4 ft.  Hubby used slats from an old fence.

Here is one of the old broken fence posts before it was sanded down to the wood grain. Yes - I totally agree.  It is hard to believe that ugly thing turned into such a beautiful piece of wood for this sign. It took 3 old posts for this sign.

I typed the words on my computer and traced them onto the wood with DecoArt Grey Transfer Paper.

But first, I used DecoArt Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer for the wood.  It really made the wood look lusciously rich. 

Lots of folks prefer larger brushes for a project this size but not me. I stuck with my great Dynasty script/liner brushes. Hehehe - you can tell I use them a lot by the way they look in my picture!!!

I chose DecoArt Americana Decor Maxx Gloss White China for the letters. This was my first time using this product. It worked wonderfully.

Here is another picture in the sunlight. See the fingers?? It's a pretty big sign. Now it's on it's way to a lovely home in Ft. Worth Texas. It was a fun project and I was thrilled to do it for a friend. :)

As always - thanks bunches for stopping by.

This holiday season I sure hope you can enjoy making...
"Kitchen Table Memories"!
Hugs. j. 



Candy C said...

Joi...this is just awesomeness! I love the simplicity of it yet the very nostalgic feel it has. Don't you just love DecoArt's transfer paper? Your lettering is beautiful!

Redanne said...

I do so agree about family and friends around the kitchen table, so many wonderful memories...

Joi, you really are a creative genius, I never fail to be impressed by your ideas and then the way you put your ideas into action. This may be three simple pieces of wood but you have transformed them so beautifully - I can see this sitting in a high end gallery with a fantastic price tag on it... I love your work!! Hugs, Anne xx

Pamellia said...

Absolutely stunning Joi!! I love the gloss on this sign and the colour of the woodgrain is so amazing. Beautiful font you chose too, a glorious project! hugs :)

Pawsitively Creative said...

Okay dearie, we are on the same wavelength for home decor. This old fenceing sure got a new lease on life and what a transformation of the wood! I would have kept the weathered look (to go with my rustic glam decor) but this is such a gorg us grained design. I am applauding the way you created those letters and your steady hand to created such crisp lettering. Wowzers!!!! Is this going to be hung in your kitchen? And I totally agree with you about the stuffing! Why have it only once a year? Huge Hugz to you muffin! Such a JOI to see your art. ~Niki

sarascloset said...

Joi, I love this sign! It speaks volumes, because that is where all the action is! At least in our house! Meals, games, talks, homework, blogging, crafting, making cookies, sewing, the list goes on! How wonderful that you made this for a friend for their home. The wood grain is amazing and that product really brought out it's beauty. Your lettering is perfect and looks amazingly flawless! Big loud applause to you on this! I bet you didn't go near the coffee when you were lettering this! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a gorgeous sign, and I loved seeing how it came out of that wood. Fabulous! xo