Sunday, November 5, 2017

HEARTS ENTWINED: Designed for Nov/Dec Issue - Through the Craft Room Door Magazine

HOWDY... from Joi@RR!

Can it really be November? 
In Texas - the leaves are just now beginning to turn and fall.
Meanwhile... it the artsy world, it's time to move on 
to the upcoming holiday events. 
Through the Craft Room Door Magazine has an AMAZING Nov/Dec issue escorting in the holidays.

Here is a glimpse of the design I drew for 
this Nov/Dec Through the Craft Room Door publication.

You can find the wonderful magazine here

 There are over a 100 pages of great ideas, tutorials, craft hints and photos. It is only $18 for a year.  Pretty awesome!!! 

Subscribe HERE!  

No - I promise - I don't get paid to ask you to subscribe. 
I just enjoy the magazine and the fun of contributing to it. 
 You can contribute too if you love to create! 

Click here for the submission guidelines. 

One more 'teaser' photo for you from my published submission. 
In the beginning - it looked like this....  

Thanks so much for once again checking out my art work.  
I'm hope you can see my finished piece in this Nov/Dec edition of Through The Craft Room Door Magazine

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving month. Xj.


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