Thursday, December 21, 2017

BEJEWELED TREE - Merry Christmas Sweet Friends!


Just sharing my jeweled trees created from old jewelry.
These are not just for Christmas. I make them 
for housewarming, weddings, memorials...
a unique gift for any occasion!
Wanna know how????!!!!

This project was design for the upcoming Jan/Feb issue of:

It's so inexpensive to subscribe and it is a 
really thick and fab online magazine. 
Click HERE for details. 

And please remember to enter your artwork on the challenge blog too. There are always prizes and badges given!

ENTER your project HERE:

One more sneak peak...
hope you look me up in the Jan/Feb magazine!!! 

~ ~ ~
Believing for all of my dear artsy friends
- that's YOU - 
 to have a blessed Christmas!  Xj.


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