Saturday, May 2, 2015



PRIMA is having some giveways and I would love to WIN!!!  

Here is the link so you can see what is going on there!  
Prima Celebrating National Scrapbook Day BLOOM!



Jamie Doughery developed a wonderful Bloom line of creations which include some wonderful stamps of guys and gals.  


I have purchased Sharon for an art journal project because she reminded me of a friend.  I had an assignment to do a page with a friend in mind!  Here is Sharon. My friend loves butterflies! I have used Sharon on other projects too - without the butterflies!  YES - it's possible!!  

Image result for bloom sharon prima

OK - in order to enter the contest - I have to say which BLOOM gal or guy is my favorite... and I can't decide.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... 

I am leaning towards SOPHIE but.... here are my top three choices: 


Image result for bloom girls prima


45 980023


45 980283

Quentin is handsome too!!

There you have it.... what I am hoping to win by entering the give-away and writing this little blog. 



Oh how I love her artwork... and enjoy trying to do it too!!

Click below for a: 
LINK to FINNABAIR products on PRIMA:

And HOW in the world would a person choose a favorite from her product line??? Whew.  

Sooooooooooooooo.... here are my choices but I can't seem to choose just one!

~ Of course, she is famous for her Mechanicals and they are incredible.  
~ Glass Beads - all colors!
~ Texture Paste - Copper Crackle or any color of crackle
~ Resist Canvas - love them all
~ Stencils... dear me.... bubbles, cracker, chicken wire
~ Stamps - wonderful - old town, rust and dust, peeled paint, basket, pine  

And how I use them.... well - here is a picture of one way that I use them! Maybe that's all the description you need!  

HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY!!  OR... just have a happy day period... joi



Win Dinn, Artist said...

Here's to some fabulous luck on the giveaways, Joi...wouldn't that be terrific? Loving those stamps, by the way!

Lizzy Wurmann G. said...

Amazing textures going on here Joi!! I want to thank you for the wonderful comments you left me!!!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Joi, had to pop over to thank you for the lovely comments and pleased I did. The texture on your canvas looks gorgeous. Happy crafting, Angela x

sarascloset said...

Well, in my opinion you are already a winner! Look at that amazing texture on your canvas! Best of luck to you, though in the draw.

Now, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that lovely poem you wrote about my Vintage Garden shed I made for Anything But Cute. What great poetry and I am deeply touched that you would share that with me! I'm going to print that off, with your permission, of course, and keep it with my shed. It REALLY means so much to me that you shared your writing talent with me!

On a side note, I have to say I was so taken aback that I completely forgot to link my project to all those other challenges! Duh! Well, I made the deadlines, anyway! Whew!

Thank you, again, for such a lovely rhyme! Big Hugs!
Sara Emily

Pawsitively Creative said...

I agree about choosing favorites from each giveaway, hard choices! Did you win? I think you deserve to win, you are a sweetie! Hugz! ~Niki

Unknown said...

Oh yes - I would be honored for you to keep the little poem with your wonderful Vintage Garden Shed. Oh dear - I'm so happy you made the deadlines too! :) j.

Ella Swan said...

Looks wonderful!! I had a great day scrapping too!!