Thursday, April 30, 2015

Looking Glass Under the Sea

Looking Glass Under the Sea

18" x 24" Mixed Media on Canvas

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Hello to all my sweet little friends.  First off, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have left me a message about my creations.  They are ALL so very special to me.  

For the last week or so... I have been working on my Looking Glass Under the Sea project.  It was OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE - to say the least.  I am not a beach person.  Oh - I love water - definitely.  But LAKE water - that's where I was raised - at the lake! 

On the other hand... hubby spent his youth on the beach.  In fact, when we got married in 1972, he literally traded his surf board to someone in exchange for a guitar!  He decided that since he wouldn't be that close to his beloved beach down Galveston Texas way... that was the best thing to do.  He was right.  We have only been back to the beach a handful of times over the years.  

Soooooooooo... the point of this story is... I reached out for a bit of instruction from him because I had no idea what kind of creatures need to live in my new world or how they even looked!!!  Dear me!  
Here you have the finished project!  

Can you tell that the little ocean nymph is holding a "looking glass"?  She is!  

I had an old Barbie comb so I turned it upside down and made a mirror out of it.  It was already in the shape of a flower which was good for an ocean flower... and I added a few more petals so that it would stand out and up.  There's another picture lower that shows her hand better.  She really is holding it!!  

Here you can see the lace that made the sea horses. It is from a vintage wedding gown! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my creation!!!  Hugs joi  

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I would like to participate in these wonderful challenges!

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Textural Maritime Mood Board

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A Vintage Journey - Through the Looking Glass - April Challenge

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Of course, hopefully you saw that my mermaid is holding her "looking glass"!  :)

I am ALWAYS influenced by Tim's style.  I have learned so much and have so much more to learn.  There is alot in this piece from the Ranger collections.  

I used Ranger Inks - they are so perfect on plastic and metals - couldn't have done lots of the ocean pieces without them. 

I used many stamps although they are rather hidden.  And my bubbles were done with the Speckles stencil - it was perfect.  

I also used lots of glossy accent, distressed paint and stains too.  

LOVE working with all of them and love seeing all your teaching videos too - they have helped me soooooooooo much. j.

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Artful Times, Challenge 79 -A Bit of Finnabair

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The very first project I ever did when I started blogging was a mixed media inspired by Finnabair.  I love everything about her art!  

This project has everything on the Artful Times request list: lace, metal, flowers and more!!!  So glad for this chance to send my first project to you at Artful Times! 

It is very hard to see but the ocean floor - underneath the sea nymph - is all lined with lace.  There are also coral type flowers made from crochet lace from my Grammie's cut up doilies.  No worries - I have tons of them!! 

Oh - almost forget - the seahorses are made from old lace from a vintage wedding gown! 

Lot of metal - dear me - nails, staples, washers, screws, nuts, screen, chain, rusty wire from the barn that I had to sand down before using :) - LOTS of metal stuff.  There is even metal used for the fish tails!!  

And yes - flowers... of every shape!  Thank you Finn for all the tutorials... this was fun to make using 'found stuff'!
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Eclectic Ellapu
The Pinkies - Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Hopefully you read in my description why this was so out of my comfort zone!!  Almost didn't do it at all!!!  



Julia Aston said...

What a wonderful look into the ocean depths you created here! Love the mermaid face with all the shells in her hair - your beautiful lace seahorses - the ship wreck, the lost key - all the sea life - this must be framed and displayed for your poor husband who no longer gets to play in the real thing! Thank you so much for joining us in the AVJ challenge!

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Stunning project!! Love all the details!!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and thank you for playing with us at SATW!

Athanasia said...

Wow amazing work! I love it! Thank you for joining our challenge at SATW!

Hera said...

Amazing project!
Great techniques we can see here.
Thanks so much for sharing with us at Scrap Around the World!

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

Gorgeous work! Wonderful textures :) Thank you for joining us at SATW.

Redanne said...

This is an absolutely stunning project, the colours are wonderful, the mermaid is beautiful and I just love how you added all the elements - truly beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in at A Vintage Journey. Anne x

WendyK said...

A fabulous canvas with so much detail. Great colours and so much to see. thank you for joining us on Artful times.

Yvonne Garner said...

What a fabulous work of love! Thank you for joining us at EE!

Maremi's Small Art said...

Oh my my my !
Firstly let me tell you how wonderful make this is ! Sensational texture created with all those embellishments and findings ! I love the blues and mix of shades. Fantastic work ! You have recreated amazing ocean feeling <3 you can be so proud of this original make !
Secondly... Thank you so so much for leaving outstanding comment under my project (Be brave, be bold) on Finnabair blog. I was reading it 3 if not 4 times... wow what a speach... and you know what ? you have perfectly understood my way of thinking, feeling and most importantly you have understood my doll better than my english could describe this !
Oh Thank you for taking your time and leaving those arty amazing words, have a great time creating !
Stay in touch xxx Marta :)

Terry said...

Oh how I want to touch this! What an amazing canvas and the texture out of this world! Love this and thank you for sharing with us at AVJ!

Wilma Voermans said...

Hi! First of all let me tell you how thankfull I was with your great comment on the distressed masculine layout I made for Scraps of Darkness, such a lovely comment on a layout I thought of as mwhhaaaaaa, not that good :) Now over to you great work here, I had so much fun looking at every detail on this. The colors and all the little extras!! LOVE this kind of thinking to use it all! x

langeatheart said...

Wow this is a work of art! So gorgeous so much yummy details! Beautifully done! All the best from SATW! :)

yyam said...

Oh wow. What a magical scene! I love the attention to details here. It must have been a labour of love!