Thursday, April 16, 2015

CREATIVITY Typology Acrostic! 

Hello to all of you creativity keepers out there! Hope your day is going well.  

One of the fun parts of doing this canvas was that I was able to incorporate several of the challenges for my fav blogs with a lot of different phases and techniques combined to make a whole!  It took some planning though!  

CREATIVITY...Mou's Challenge
Look HERE: Faber-Castell, Design Memory Craft - Take the Challenge with Mou April

TYPOGRAPHY... Anai's Challenge
Look HERE: 
Mixed Media Place - Creative Gym Exercise 6 Typology

LESSOLOGY... Typeface
Look HERE: Lessology-Challenge 46 Typeface
The upscale items used: local newspaper, flowers that I clipped from an old wedding dress and the thick twine that was used to embroider the flowers in place. Plus I love that my hubby's finished crossword puzzle with his writing on it is preserved too!!

I hope you find all the little aspects of this CREATIVITY TYPOLOGY interesting. It's all about SPRING and spring is definitely here already in Texas. You can tell by how fast the grass is growing - dear me!!!  And the beautiful bluebonnets are giving us a fleeting glance - they don't stay long but they are just so gorgeous while they are here. 

In doing this project... I learned a lot - that's for sure.  I did several of the letters over more than once... and one of them... well, lets just say I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I redid it!! Enjoy! 

It began by covering the entire 2 ft x 2 ft canvas with newspaper!  Our local paper is so small that it barely covered the canvas.  Some of the headlines were "oops" inappropriate too!  And of course, hubby works the crossword every day so it's there too - completely filled in!  LOTS of Typography of different types for the first layer.  

After adding several layers to the canvas of paint and paper scraps... I began the letters. 

Then I began the letters. Dear me... you would not believe all the different products and techniques that were used for them. 
Here are a few:
Fussy Cutting
Oil Pastels
Metal Foil

The "E" and "Y" were done with the same type of technique so I included them in the same picture! 


The next letter was RAINBOWS!! Love the promises of rainbows. 

And here are some close-ups of all the letters.  It would be hard for me to say which one I like best.  They were all so fun to do and each described in a different way what CREATIVITY means to me! 

Here is the ACROSTIC for you:
C: Courage
R: Reinvent
E: Emotion
A: Art
T: Transform
I: Illuminate
V: Visionary
I: Imagination
T: Timeless
Y: YOU (and me!!)

Thanks bunches and bunches for taking the time to read my description and peruse my pictures.  
Happy Spring! joi


Unknown said...

very thoughtful project

yyam said...

Gosh. What an incredible project! LOVE it!

Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

Lisa Minckler said...

Now THAT was fun!! I loved seeing your canvas from beginning to end and the fact that you have preserved your husband's crossword on there is a riot and wonderful all in one. The concept of using an acrostic is such a great idea and each of your letters is a work of art (even if some took several runs at A wonderfully inspiring piece of art work!!
Lisa x

Pascale B. Scrap said...

Wow!!! Great work, your canvas is fantastic!! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

Riikka Kovasin said...

Wonderfully inspirational! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place Gym!

Lula said...

Love your canvas!

Lizzy Hill said...

Totally inspiring & so fave letter is the 'creativity' must be really pleased with how this turned out! Thanks so much for sharing with us over at LESSology this month:):)

Athanasia said...

Wow amazing work! You are so creative! Thank you for joining our challenge at Mixed Media Place!

Mitralee said...

I am just overwhelmed in how pretty this is! Such a great job recycling too! Huge hugs from NY! Mitra

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful piece of art, I love it :) congrats on a well deserved win