Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Unimaginable - What is that to YOU? REPOST


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Seth Apter's Buried Treasure Collaboration


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The Unimaginable.... 

What would that be for you?  

Mood boards - they really do "challenge" me!  Just love them. Unimaginable was part of the theme for this mood board project - by Scrap Around The World.  

From a young age until my Dad was 94... I loved to go fishing with him.  He always had a boat of some kind and there was nothing finer than to sit and watch our bobbers together!  Unless it was when we got home and he fried up the crappie (fish) for the entire family!!!  And, by the way, my hair looked very much like the girl in my painting :)

So when I saw this mood board with the girl, the old swing, the boat and the dock... it dawned on me how AMAZING it would be to have a way to be able to swing very very high - way way way out over the water.  In my painting, it is a tree limb holding the swing... but in my mind... I can't see what is holding the swing. Just that the girl has limitless ability to swing high and see all... for a long way off... the breeze blowing in her hair and all is right with the world... more than right - perfect!  

This dock is old and sagging... the chain no longer needed. 
The old fishing boat is seldom used in need of repair but...
the girl in the swing sees none of that...
she sees hope, feels joy, loves nature and feels completely content.

Best of all... she can float over the waters as long as she wants, as high as she wants, as far as she wants and wherever she would like... for today is timeless.  

Here is my creation!  It's a 14" x 16" canvas mounted on board with a cedar frame for an overall total of 16" x 18"! 

Thanks bunches for looking!  j. 

The letters show much better in person: 
Keep Room In Your Heart For The Unimaginable.

Some of the supplies used.

Her dress was made from the ruffle of an old wedding dress that I spent hours one night in my chair clipping to pieces! There were beautiful lace and crochet flowers, netting, beads, heirloom lace and lovely fabric on the old dress - so fun to save it all for projects like this.  Her hair was made from some "tie in" braids I bought for stocking stuffers for the grandkids.  I cut them up and glue them to a piece of canvas. The branch and swing seat were - of course - from a nature walk on the ranch!  The "rope" is some old twine from the barn. The white leaves are actually some type of fabric - I ordered as embellishment a few months ago and it worked for this!

I used all acrylic paint but when finished... spritzed it with some glitter mist so the water would shimmer a bit! 

There is some embossing powder on the boat, the oar and in the water under the boat.  It's hard to see in the pictures but it gives some added "old age" to the boat.  

The leaves are stenciled on using library green archival ink outlined in white acrylic with some bronze stickles for dimension. 

I printed the words on to a transparency and painted them bronze.




Pascale B. Scrap said...

Wow!!! Great work, your canvas is fantastic!! Thank you for joining the SATW challenge!

Lilibleu said...

Wow !! Great work, your canvas is gorgeous !! Thank you for playing at SATW :)
Lydie Denis

langeatheart said...

Wow this is art! I love your canvas! It's more like a beautiful painting! Definitely wall worthy I hope you hang it! All the best from SATW!~ :)

Fiona Paltridge Designs said...

AMAZING!!! Thank you for joining us over at SATW xx

Татьяна said...

Gorgeous art! I love the colors and all details! Thank you for joining at SATW!

yyam said...

Oh wow. This looks amazing....the textures, the layers and the details!
Love that your inspiration was from a memory of a time spent with your dad.

Sheri said...

Awesome piece! love the textures. Thanks for playing in Anything but a card

Bea said...

This is great and the sentiment is something to rermember :)

mytawnyinspirations said...

STUNNING!!!! I love the layers and textures and the whole of the canvas... so much to look at and so many different mediums used. I hope your art has a special place for it to be seen and admired. Thank you for playing at Anything But a Card. Cheers, Di

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Ahhhh - Diane - I really needed your little note today. Thank you sooooooo much. I enjoyed your green Tasmania creation too. I love seeing bits and pieces of the different places where we all live. j.

Bibi Lindahl said...

Beauuutiful, Joi!! Love the texture, and the sentiment is really lovely. And last, but so far from least - I lvoe the girl on the swing. Seeing her makes me all giggly insdie because I LOVE sitting on one!! :-)))
I will never stop being like a child, thank goodness! TFS! :)