Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Butterfly and Roses on Wood


Hello to all you sweet folks out there!! 

Here is a fun 8x10" Finnabair inspired mixed media on wood creation. 

Whew - it went thru SUCH a metamorphosis - over and over and over again.  

I can't even remember how many different colors this was before I was finally at peace.

And.... here it is.......  :)

Some of the items that were used in this project!!  

Started out with wood - hubby cut so they would stand up. 

I used Marta's technique from Finnabair's Spread Your Wings Academy.  
You can find it here: 

Finnabair was the first mixed media video tutorial I saw when I started on this journey and the first type of mixed media project I ever did.  So when she announced (on my anniversary) that this new Academy was starting - I knew I wanted to learn from it.

On thing for sure, after working on this project... I, for sure, have a LOT to learn so I am very very excited for the next tutorials. 

To begin... I covered the wood with gesso - of course!!! And then the fun and frustration and fun and mistakes and fun began!!!

I added texture paste through stencil first and then began gluing down all the metal pieces, canvas pieces, lace, wood, chain etc.

Next came the layers of paint!!  And more texture - glass beads and fiber paste.  More gesso, more paint... and you know how it goes.

I did think to snap a picture at one frustrating point - dear me!!!


And here is a picture of my Finnabair metal flower turned butterfly!  I was so proud of myself for thinking of what a pretty butterfly it would make.  But I'm sure someone along the way was just as clever as I thought myself to be!!!!  

Wish you could see all of this in person.  I just couldn't capture a good picture of the cute little butterfly!!!  There are also more of  Finn's flowers - on I literally folding in half - it's over on the right side - and put fuzzy yarn inside for the stamen.  Just can't see it in the pics - boohoo.

Picture of Finnabair flower before it became a butterfly!!


I am showing you the back because I did the same technique on the front but it didn't show in the end.  My first time every doing a clear ink with stencil for a "resist".  So fun and I loved how it looks on the back of the wood. YEAH!!!! 

As always - I soooooooooooo appreciate you taking the time to stop by, read and look!  You always make me so happy with your precious comments and every now and then I even giggle!!!  

Hugs. j.



Bibi Lindahl said...

Looks like you put many hours of work into all those layers, and the result it super cool!!
Funny you should say that the snap you took of the white and blue was at a frustrating point - I think it looks really pretty there! But I might be biased to blue and white... ;-)
So cool that it stands up like that. Thank you for sharing!

Pamellia said...

Holy cow Joi, you really put a lot of TLC into this one! It's like mixed media palooza! The dimension is just incredible!! I'm so glad you showed us a few process pics so I can see a bit of how you put this together. It reminds me of some sort of priceless relic full of precious metals and gems that's been worn by time and sits in a glass display case! You rock girl! hugs :)

Fliss said...

Just popped by to say hi Joi and thank you for your lovely comments at Thst's Crafty.
So glad I did as this is the most amazing canvas. Such gorgeous texture and detail and the amount of shimmer is awesome!
Fliss xx

Unknown said...

WOW, Joi!! This is AMAZING!! The layers and colors have combined beautifully and I love how you had hubbie cut the pieces of wood for you :) :) That's the way to get the guys involved in creativity!! :) :) Happy Weekend!! XOXO-Shari

Gayle Price said...

This is amazing ! Oh it gives me so much joy to see and to hear how you did this and just how much fun you had along the way. Brilliant ! That's what art is all about.

That's Crafty! said...

This piece is absolutely fantastic Joi!

butterfly said...

Wowzer - so glad you persevered with all those layers of colour and shimmer - the end result is so amazing!
Alison xx

yyam said...

Well, it was totally worth the effort. It's spectacular! I love the textures and layers. I'm sure it looks better in real life.