Monday, June 1, 2015


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Wow... can you believe that we have done FIVE tags already?  I'm so excited that I have been able to do the first five on time - hehehehhe.  But let me tell you - it almost didn't happen this time.   

I had my tag all ready to go a couple of days ago... but I was still working on another project so I decide to just wait and take the pictures of both all at once.  Never again!  

I was almost done with my last project - so proud of myself for making it thru almost everything on my list this month... and WHAM... somehow I fell right out of my chair.  Are you laughing???!!!!  Go ahead - I understand.  It really does sound funny!! I still can't believe it happened. 

I am a bit on the handicapped side though so... I couldn't get up.  Plus the chair had me trapped so I couldn't move - couldn't even lift my head.  And guess what... I was all alone too.  My phone was behind me being charged.  OOPS!  It was all a bit scary.  Long story short... two hours later I finally was able to get off the floor. YEAH!!!  

And although I seriously wanted to quit - I learned from all you fellow creators out there - never say never - keep on keeping on and get it done... so I did!!!  Ready to call it a day/night as soon as I finish Tim's Tag for you.

Here it is!!  

It's definitely does not have as much on it as Tim's wonderful example but it makes me happy!

The little fella on this tag has a great time every day with his doggie.  He is 14 and his doggie is 14 in dog years - so they are the same age! They wander in the fields, pick flowers and shoot off arrows.  As long as they are together they are always happy.  

The circus ticket is a good memory for the little fella. It was a really fun trip to the circus with Pappy.  However he sure was glad to get home to doggie who gave him lots of licks and wiggles! 

I really enjoyed this one - probably because I used the little fella with is doggie as well as red, white and blue!   Plus - I was able to get my initials on the tag when I did the texture paste!!!  FUN.

Thanks bunches for stopping by to meet my little fella and his doggie. Oh and no worries - I'm just fine.  I don't usually talk about myself at all but this was pretty dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hugs. j. 


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Lizzy Hill said...

THAT sounds waaay scary... I'm so glad you didn't do too much damage to yourself! Hope the chair survived unscathed too;) LOOOVE your tag.... How neat is that hessian idea,eh? And yours is so personal with the boy & his dog!!! This month's is challenging I reckon!!!!!