Sunday, June 7, 2015

SPRING CALVES from the Ranch!!

How crazy is this??? I had to put this wonderful HTML here so that BLOGLOVIN could find me and you could sign up for it to follow me.  Sure hope you will do that too!!!  

Lets see if I can find some eye candy for you so this isn't such a crazy post!!!  How about some spring calves from the ranch!!!????  Hugs. j. 

They are just so sweet!

Hubby carrying baby to the big round pen. 
At night they sleep in the caged pen so no critter will eat them. 
During the day - when they are old enough - they get to go to
the big round pen so they can romp and play!

Just born!  Still a little wet even!

Daddy - Bobby the Bull, Mama and babies! 
Nothing better than to watch the calves play together!

We usually have at least one set a year. Mama will only
 feed one so we always have to feed the other one. 
 Of course, everyone loves to give the little ones a bottle!! 
Until they get big enough to knock you down in eagerness!! 

This little gal was named Lucy.  The last one we named B.B.
It stood for Big Baby because we have never had a calf 
bawl as much as BB did.  Dear me!!! 


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Unknown said...

I LOVE your Spring calves, Joi!! They are the sweetest little things!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

Jackie PN said...

OMGosh- such sweet babies!! I love them ! Thanks so much for sharing!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Oh, they are SO've made my day, Joi!

Halle said...

Look at those sweet babies!