Thursday, July 21, 2016

1950 VOGUE - A Vintage Journey Guest Designer

Howdy from Texas on a 100 degree summer day.

All our ranch hands, summer 'Warriors' (interns), and hubby are out working in this heat. Whew. 

I'm quite thankful to be inside playing with 1950's Vintage Vogue!  But the colors used are definitely reflective of the Texas heat. 

How delighted I am to be a guest on A Vintage Journey is not up for debate... I am totally happy. :)   

Tracy has the theme of monochromatic which is something I have always enjoyed doing. It's such a fun challenge. 

Here is a glimpse at my creation. 

Go to A Vintage Journey... there is actually a photo of MY incredible face - eheheheheh!!! Go see!!!  

That's all for today except to send my love to you all.
Thanks bunches and bunches for stopping by.
Leave me a message if you have a minute to spare.

Hope you will hop on over to A Vintage Journey and leave me some love there too !!!  I would sure appreciate it :)  XXj.

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