Wednesday, March 8, 2017

FUNKY COWBOY BOOTS: Fluid Acrylics on Wood


A new 30 x 40" wood sign because...

we just hired a new COWBOY at the ranch!

Did you know that everyone here wears boots every day? But only the cowboys wear spurs. Have you heard the old saying 
"Take off your boots and stay awhile"??  

Nooooo - please don't take off your boots here at the ranch until you are ready for bed! So... for our sign, I changed it to SPURS. Yes - please DO kick off your spurs and stay a while!!! 

Another thing we see around here is chaps. Chaps are leather pants without a seat, worn over jeans, to protect a cowboy's legs. I saw a photo of some dangling rawhide chaps and thought how fun it would be to make them really colorful and rather abstract. 

Here is my original sketch on the wood. 

I typed up the quote on my computer - decided on the size needed - then printed. I used DecoArt Graphite Paper to trace the letters onto the wood.  

Lots of DecoArt Media Black Gesso was used on the background as well as doing the letter with the White Gesso. 

Using DecoArt Media Tinting Base is so fun because it produces unique shades for each color of paint.  At this point, it was all about painting colors and making the chaps/boots look a bit funky!
Truly enjoying the journey with my fluid acrylics on wood and forgot to snap you some peeks. Very rare for me so I know you will forgive me this time.

Products Used:

Yellow Oxide
Dioxazine Purple
Cobalt Turquoise Hue
Burnt Sienna
Titan Buff
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber
English Red Oxide
Prussian Blue Hue

Tinting Base, Black Gesso, White Gesso

0 Black Silver 4940

Dark Sepia, White, Indian Red

I love painting on wood! 
Here is the finished piece in place by the gate!

Some close-up photos: 

Thanks bunches for helping me welcome our new cowboy!!
Hugs. j.

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