Wednesday, June 21, 2017

GENTLE Baylor BEAR on 4ft Canvas, DecoArt Media

Howdy from Baylor Bear territory in Texas!!!

Baylor graduates run in our family so you know that bear paintings are a must.  This time I was in the mood to paint a gentle bear instead of ferocious one!!

This acrylic painting is on a 4ft by 4ft square canvas. 

Using an Elegant Writer Pen, the face was the starting point. It's so much fun to play with these pens!

Just draw and dab with a cloth - the pen makes the color. For me, it's an easy way to just play until satisfied with the design of a face. Yes, I purposely did the nose crooked so my bear didn't look like all the other bears on the block!

Time to sketch in the ears. 

Instead of my usual Baylor Green/Gold colors, my favorite DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Prussian Blue Hue made the background. 

The body of the bear would be in the shadows, so out came the DecoArt Media Carbon Black Mister.  I sprayed it on and used a brush to create texture.

Ahhh ohhhh - out comes the greens!!!  

Heheheh - go ahead - giggle at that face!!!!
It's hard for me to believe it too - this crazy looking face is underneath the finished one!! Layers upon layers is the secret to success here.

My goal was to get the green and gold colors shining out from underneath. They are actually...
 DecoArt Media Yellow Green Light, Phthalo Green Yellow Titanium White and Diarylide Yellow.

After the layers of base coats, the fast and free fun began. Using my long skinny Dynasty Brushes, in various sizes, I began helter-skelter streaks of color in every direction. Of course, in the end, the streaks have some semblance of order, but looking close - you can see the "fling"!!

Here are some close-ups!
From a distance it has an overall blue tone but close up you can see all the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of strokes of color. 

DecoArt Media Tinting Base and DecoArt Traditions Glazing Medium saved the day - making dozens of new hues for each DecoArt color used.

These photos show you some of the shimmer from the DecoArt Media Metallic Gold.

Products used.

Thanks bunches for your sweet support and love!! 


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