Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Abstract Woodland Garden Acrylic Painting 30x40

What a joy to just PAINT!

I would just love to fly like the wind, throw myself over the old rail fence, run down the path and lay under the farthest trees to day dream!! 

There is no perfection found in this painting. It's just a wild and free conglomeration of strokes and colors. 

After painting for a while... it seemed like I should snap a few photos for you!  Layering DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic paint colors was so delightful. I find these so much easier to work with than thick paints. Plus, they blend so easily in what seems like thousands of hues. 

Guess what? I decided to add an old rail fence. I bet that doesn't surprise you much!!!

And for me, any 'old' fence has to have some crackle.

Now... 'decorate' the fence line with grassy blooms!

Making lines with my liner brush is one of my favorite things to do when painting. 

Lots of DecoArt and DecoArt Media Products and Fluid Acrylic colors used on this 30x40" canvas. 

And a few close-ups of the finished piece. 

Here is a picture so you can see how it was framed and where it is hanging today.

Once again - thank you so much for taking time to share art with me. I so appreciate each of you and your comments mean so much to me too. 

I have been a bit slow on my comments for you because the grandkids have been here. I see them so rarely that I have to get lots of kisses and play time!! Xj.

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