Saturday, January 10, 2015

Larky from Larkyville 

Christmas Leftovers.... read on.... :)

Wow - hard to believe that the New Year is going strong already! This is my first post for the new year and believing there will be MANY more :)

My grandchildren are always so disappointed when Santa takes Sparky - their elf on a shelf - back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  So this year, Grammie (that's me) created Larky - the gingerbread boy to stay awhile after Sparky leaves. He is on an 11 x 14 canvas - turned upside down - like a shadow box.  Then  my sweet hubby mounted it on a piece of cedar from the ranch!

I actually finished this on New Years Eve and Larky finally arrived by mail last week to their home. It seemed to help ease their longing for Sparky! PLUS....every year my grandchildren have a tradition - making gingerbread houses on Christmas eve.  I printed pictures of their houses on cardstock and used them for Larkyville - where Larky lives.  So now the grandkids think they created a place for Larky to live!!!!  He gets to stay until Valentine's Day.

Here he is and the poem that I put on the back!! 

Larky’s Goal

Santa took Sparky away in his sleigh
Now Larky will stay til Valentine’s Day!

He lives in the house you built for him…
going outside to play amongst the limbs.

Larkyville is a happy and safe place
Where everyone wears a smiling face.

Sparky will miss you but he loves the North Pole
Bringing a HAPPY NEW YEAR is Larky’s goal.

Grammie and Pappy


The project was done with gesso, mat medium, molding paste, stencils, colorful ink sprays, embossing powder, glitter powder, prima leaves, die cut trees and grass and more! Plus there is some sparkling lace around the edge of the canvas frame.

 Larky was two pieces of blank wood shaped to form his body and head. I painted on his clothing and designs!!  The path in the village is made from an old necklace. The logs, twigs, pine cone, acorns and pecans are from the ranch (of course)!  And then I added some little charm animals - a deer, 3 geese, 2 owls, an eagle, a turtle, a little bird, and a gecko because my grandson has one for a pet!  

I added a little quote metal plate that says:
"What one loves in childhood, stays in your heart forever".

Maybe someday my grandchildren will make gingerbread houses with their children and remember Larky from Larkyville!  And talk about Grammie too!!!

Thanks bunches for allowing me to share my gingerbread adventure with you! Joi@RR

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The " Christmas leftovers" were the gingerbread man vintage Christmas wood set, the gingerbread house pictures from the original grandkids homemade houses this Christmas, the silver deer, the red pine cone and the glitter lace around the canvas edge.  There were also a 3-4 green flocked leaves!


I am also THRILLED to have just found the Funkie Junkie Boutique - beautiful.
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