Wednesday, October 28, 2015

31st Annual Boogaloo Ball Mixed Media HORROR


Hello again sweet crafting friends! 

Oh dear.... just a minute... someone is knocking on my door.
Be right back.....

OOPS...  they stopped here by mistake.
They were looking for the Boogaloo Ball... next door. 
Now I'm curious... gotta go check it out. 

Wow - what a freak night they are having... 
here, I snapped a picture for you.  

I can probably get us an invite.... wanna go??? 

Heheheh!!  This was a fun project.  Last year, I watched a Halloween video tutorial by Rach0113 and I made my grandchildren a similar mixed media project.  The lady that works for me fell in love with it so this year - I made one for her.  

I was thinking of it just as a gift so I didn't take many pictures. 
But it turned out to be so fun that I wanted to share.  

It is a 14 x14 canvas. 

I found the door online and marked it's place on the canvas.

Then I totally tissue paper everywhere on the canvas top and edges EXCEPT where the door would be placed.  I used DecoArt Americana Decou-page. 

Afterwards I used Deco-Art Media white gesso on the entire top and edges. 

After drying over night,  I began playing with colors.  I had the most fun using the Deco-Art Metallic Lustres on this piece. 
Gold Rush
Copper Kettle
Iced Expresso
Black Shimmer
Rose Gold

As well as:
Deco-Art Media Fluid Acrylics
Colbalt Turquoise 

After painting, it was time to place the door. It was just printed on copy paper and placed onto the canvas with DecoArt Decou-page.
In fact, that is true for the pumpkins, the gate on the fence, the skeleton and the bats!

Oh and I created the Boogaloo Ball sign myself!! 

Then the fun began... layer and creating!

I used the umbrella man...
painting him with DecoArt Media black gesso. 
Sizzix Alterations Umbrella Man Die...
and turned the umbrella upside down. 

Using Ranger Distress Paint Picket Fence I added a bit of wear and tear to his jacket, britches and umbrella.

His skeleton head and hands are just printed from the internet and sized smaller to fit his body!

From this point on - it was just layering the items. 

The fence, the gate, the raven, the big spider, the cat and bats were all painted with DecoArt black gesso mixed with crackle paste. 

Sizzix Movers and Shapers Die - Mini Cat & Raven Set

My spider is also a Sizzix Die - Mini Spider &31.  

I used an old doily - painted it black - for the spider web at the top left of the canvas.  Something of my Grammie's that was worn out but made use of again!! I have dozens of nice ones too!!

I used lots of cheese cloth to make the white spider webs - that was REALLY fun!!!  And I had some small silver charms to add lots of spiders in the top of the umbrella and climbing the webs! 

The die cut spider, the raven and the cat are coated with DecoArt Media Liquid Glass - clear - adding just the right eerie appeal!!!

The raven is sitting on a small branch from the ranch, of course!

Can you guess what my favorite part of the entire piece?
The praying skeleton - isn't he cute? 
And yes, if we decide to go to this party - we should pray first!

Last, but not least, the dancing couple! 

The Boogaloo Ball is in full swing! 
Hope you enjoyed the little creation exploration. 

My wish for you... take time for a bit of Boogaloo!!!

Hugs. j.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happily sharing with the following challenges:


This project is highlighting the 31st Annual Boogaloo Ball. 
Thus the use of #31!


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