Friday, March 11, 2016


Howdy Sweet Friends!

This is my first ever Art Doll.

Wanna know a secret... I decided long ago that I never wanted to make one of these Art Dolls.  It was beyond me to even fathom being patient enough to figure out the wonders of Art Doll Art!!!! 

I also learned, along this artsy journey, that just as soon as you say you don't want to do something - you end up doing it!! Why??
Ya know... it's just one of those crazy comfort zone scenarios!!

So here is my Doll with her little friend at her feet.

Please allow me to say this though...then I'll feel better. 
I have seen some FABULOUS Art Doll makes. 
Art Dolls that have completely left me in awe.  
But the artistic endeavor was a fun challenge.

Hubby brought me the metal pieces! As you know, I get barn left overs!  Plus he made the wooden base for me at Christmas to make a vintage jewelry Christmas tree - this one was extra!

The Corrugated Sheet of Black Cardboard is by Fancy Pants Designs.  I began by painting it with DecoArt Media Interference Paints in Turquoise, Blue and Violet. 

Love this big spring - or coil - it has no "spring" to it!!! It's hard as a rock. Doesn't it look like a body part to you - eheheheh??? Painting it to match the cardboard with Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks in Wild Plum, Stream, Purple Twilight and Sail Boat Blue. 

I used the same colors to paint the springs used for her arms.
Adding Salmon Ink for her hands!

Gonna stuff my tummy with some shimmering tensil!!  What do they call those things in our tummy - 'villi' - tiny fingers! 

And here is some of the lace type items that adorned Bunny Girl!! 

Originally I cut out a vintage face to use on the metal - spoon type piece. Hubby had no idea what it came off of - perhaps part of a clock?  But it was just too pretty to cover up with paper so I painted the face with DecoArt Media Acrylic paints.  I'm really happy that the shimmery gold of the metal piece still shows.

Yes - I know - she's a bit quirky looking and definitely must have a pea brain since her head is flat but hey... we are all wondrously and uniquely made!!!  

And I had this long strand of hair - better known as an "extension" from the granddaughters Christmas stocking stuffers!!  I looped some teal wire around it for a bit of a decor and added the little "mop" hat out of matching lace from her shawl. 

The body was put together with a dowel. And the little bunny is a Vintage Brooch that my Grammie used to wear! 

YES - that is supposed to be a vintage "bustle" behind her!!!  

You are so sweet to stop by and see my humble Bunny Girl. 
She was quite the adventure in art for me!!! 

Hugs. j. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happily entering the following challenges: 

Lace, Metal, Cardboard 

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