Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Lily on Pink with Elegant Writer


Howdy from the ranch! 
Here's another Easter Lily done with a pink background this time.
Just for fun, I sketched this with my Elegant Writer pen!

The pencil sketch. This is on an 8 x 10 canvas.  

Then drew over the pencil with my Elegant Writer pen.

With the Elegant Writer - when you add water - the ink turns various shades of pink and blue depending how you blot it. 

Here you can see the shades from the pen.
 Also began adding some green paint in the center. 

Once satisfied with the Lily I began the background.

Using DecoArt Americana Carousel Pink Acrylic Paint mixed with DecoArt Media White Tinting Base... created a lovely pastel pink.  Adding Kosher salt to the paint while wet works well to make a chalky type finish for the background. 

After dry, brush off the salt and you have a texture background!

Thanks bunches for taking time to chat!!
I so love it when you do! 
Hugs. j. 

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