Monday, December 19, 2016

Painting What Christmas Means to Me!

Howdy to my dear sweet artsy friends.

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate the season! 

I have so enjoyed all your lovely Christmas/Holiday posts. Your creativity is just amazing. 

For as long as I can remember, our family has focused on the birth of Jesus as the "reason for the season".  Every Christmas includes the Bible reading of the event and a Christmas Eve church service by candlelight.  Usually Mama or I would sing at the services.  Sometimes both of us!!  

My favorite song to sing was "The Birthday of the King". 

In the little village of Bethlehem
There lay a child one day
And the sky was bright with a Holy Light
In the place where Jesus lay. 

Hallelujah, oh how the angels sang
Hallelujah, how it rang
And the sky was bright with a Holy light
Twas the birthday of the King

Twas a humble birth place, but oh how much
God gave to us that day.
From a manger bed, what a path He led,
What a perfect Holy way. 

This year, I won't be singing, but painting instead!
Here is my abstract version of "A Birthday of My King".

I began with a light coat of DecoArt gesso over a 12"x12" paper by Fancy Pants Designs: Swagger - Debonair.  The variegated dark brown seemed a good background for the stable and hay.

And then drew in a small sketch of intentions.

I knew I wanted the beautiful colors of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Prussian Blue Hue.  When using DecoArt Media Tinting Base, this color turns to so many amazing tones/hues. So I began with that combination first. 

Just working in some colors - mostly playing!

The DecoArt Metallic Lustre Silver Spark seemed the perfect product for a "heavenly bright sky". Combined with a DecoArt Americana stencil named Segmented Swirls - the sky came to life.

Afterwards DecoArt Media Misters were added in Primary Cyan and Purple. The DecoArt Metallic Lustre literally acted as a 'mask' and it was exciting to see the colors swirl and mix around the silver.

So why not continue with the wonderful Silver Metallic Lustre and use Andy Skinner's Whirlpool stencil for the hay?  This is the second time I used this stencil to represent hay - love it!!! 

Let's try a bit of DecoArt Media Misters on the hay, too, in Orange and Shimmer Yellow.  

And for the inside of the manger, I used DecoArt Media Misters in Primary Magenta, Black, Red, Shimmer White and Shimmer Violet. Mary's gown has some Shimmer Turquoise Mister also.

I still just kept adding texture and color to get the hay looking right. 
Here I am using a Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi stamp - Old Wood Floor with DecoArt Media Mister in purple. 

Using some DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Diarylide Yellow, Green Gold, Primary Red, Translucent White and lots of other Mister colors already used . . . the hay began to look cozy enough to attract the sheep!

I had a grand time with my Dynasty liner brushes 'making hay'!

Now I can say that I have baled hay, loaded hay, stacked hay, fed hay, enjoyed hay rides, used hay for a toothpick, shot arrows into hay, rolled in the hay, sat on hay, kissed in the hay, created scarecrows with hay, and painted hay!!!!!!!!!!! We even have a place on the ranch called the "Hay There" where we store our hay. YeeHaaaa!!! 

And, dear me . . . I just could not resist some sparkle with DecoArt Black Ice Glamour Dust.

Here are the products I used and some photos of the finished piece.

Whatever holiday you celebrate or
 even if it's not a holiday for you at all . . . 
I wish you BLESSINGS, PEACE and LOVE. Xj. 


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