Wednesday, August 2, 2017

PUBLISHED! Painting Ezine Magazine - 7 pages!!!

Howdy from Joi@RR and...
 Frosty the Cowboy Snowman!!!

We were PUBLISHED! It's a 7 page tutorial spread:

Painting Ezine Magazine 

Get your copy here!

Painting Ezine ~ Online Magazine for Decorative Painters

Can you believe it's only $16 for a year?
Each edition comes with LOTS of PATTERNS and TUTORIALS from lead designers. 
It's soooo worth having. 

You can read it online OR...
you can download the complete pdf file onto your computer for printing patterns and/or storage.

PLEASE... check out my tutorial
It has photos and patterns included. 
From page 75 to page 81 - to be exact!! 

Here are a few teaser photos for you...

Yes! Every cowboy wears boots!

I'm honored to have my ranch snowman be a part of this issue of Painting Ezine Magazine
Thank bunches for your support and love :)


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