Monday, November 20, 2017

PEACEFUL TURKEY Acrylic Abstract on Paper

The turkeys on the ranch are peacefully grazing in the field. 
They have no fear of demise!!! 
But how could I resist painting one???!!!  

Truthfully - it looks more like a big chicken than a turkey!!! 
Heheheh - but it was fun!!

I began by making crazy color splotches with DecoArt Media
Fluid Acrylics all over a piece of 12x12 glitter paper. 

After it was dry, I drew a rough outline. 
My goal was to be very abstract with the turkey but...
somehow my abstract ended up being rather defined! 

I used white gesso which I was delighted to see turning 
colors - even though the paint was dry. Just so fun.

With my liner brush I added some details - 
here and there - in various colors.
 No rhyme or reason - just play time - until it looked right.

Products Used: 

And a couple of close ups... 
I really like the turkey's head because he looks so peaceful.

Wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. Xj.


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