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APRIL SPRAY brings MAY PLAY! Art Journal Page

An Art Journal Creation.  

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This is my first year to do an art journal.  And I need to count but this is just my 5th try at it, I believe.  And... the first one I have actually shared with anyone.  

It's time to leave those April showers umbrellas behind and get on with Spring play time.  My gal is feeling FREE and having FUN riding up and down the road in front of her neighborhood. 

When I was a girl - we always decorated our bikes so I thought it would be fun for her bike to have some spring flowers as decor. 

I also used only THREE COLORS...
yellow, pink and purple.

Here are some of the techniques and tools I used. 
Embossing with Ink and Powders
Spray and Alcohol Inks
Fussy Cutting


The first step was to emboss the leaves to make a "resist" for the sprays that came next. I used a Kaisercraft "leaves" stencil. Then I used - first yellow spray and then purple spray inks over the embossed leaves.

Here are some of the items I used in my project.
Hot Pink Tags
Purple Satin Ribbon
Necklace Cord
Fussy Cut Flowers done with Spray Paints.

The little neighborhood houses I designed myself!!  I tried to make them all a little bit different in shape and used stencils for the roofs.  I drew in the windows and doors then used big brush pens and liquid pearls to enhance each one. 

The fence is purple satin ribbon cut is strips and glued.  It has some liquid pearls and distress paint to give it some dimension. 

And the little gal and her bike I designed on Adobe from a picture and traced onto chipboard. She was a doozie to cut out. Then painted with copic markers, big brush pens and liquid pearls. She also has some glitter on her as does the umbrella!

I made the umbrella with 7 hot pink tags. The handle and top point were made from a purple necklace cord.  The chain on the end of the handle was part of the clasp on the cord!  The embellishment that covers the tag holes is an old piece of jewelry. There is a three layered butterfly resting on the umbrella!!  

The bicycle tires are made from doilies mounted on card stock!  I used alcohol ink on them and around the outside and the spokes, I used purple liquid pearls. 

It was a really fun project but it was a bit challenging using only the three colors! Oh and I forgot to add that I added all the veins to the leaves myself with my big brush pens! I didn't intend to do that in the beginning.  I tried it under where the umbrella was going to see how it looked - knowing I was covering it up - and I liked it!

In the end... the little project makes me happy because it reminds my of my childhood.  We lived in an adorable little neighborhood where every neighbor in a three block radius or more - knew every other neighbor.  Our house was actually PINK!!!  And I LOVED riding my bike all around the neighborhood. I felt FREE.  And Spring was always the most fun season for me to ride! 

Hugs. j. 

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So excited to have the opportunity to enter this project in the following fun challenges: 

2015 Topic 8 - Sprays

And here is the link to their remarkable store too.

Emma's Barcelona project inspired me as well as all the wonderful tutorials and tags from Leandra.  Anneke's tags were breathtakingly lovely.  Nicole had one of the most unique projects ever - wow - those were beautiful.  And Ruth - I seriously cannot wait for an opporunity to try your canvas resist suggestions.  What a lovely journal creation you made. I have just truly enjoyed all the post for the sprays challenge. 


Colors: Purple, Hot Pink, Sunshine Yellow
Theme: Flowers 

And here is a link to their WONDERFUL and unique stamps.

I used only these colors and there are flowers on my girl!! 


May 2015 - Tic Tac Toe

I used all of these! Whew.

The word May is in the sentiment: 
April Spray brings May Play - made up by "me"!!!! 

Luckily - I had duck taped the back of some of the chipboard on my girl/bike to hold together some places I had cut to get into other places - otherwise - I wouldn't have had them all!!  



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