Friday, May 8, 2015

IT'S SPRING Card - Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27

It's SPRING!!!  YES it IS!!!  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Although my daughter in Prescott AZ said it was snowing there today.  WHAT???!!!! I promise it's spring in Texas!

I made a little card for the Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27 - Embossing Diffusers.

VIEW HERE: Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27

This challenge is on page 61 of Vol. 3 of Tim's book - Sizzix Alterations Embossing Diffusers.  If you don't have the book.... here is the link for purchasing a signed copy!  How fun is that??!!!

BUY IT HERE: Compendium of Curiosity 3

And guess what?  YES - there is a gift prize.  EXCITING HUH???!!!  You should see all the wonderful things they have for us in paper craft supplies.  

THANKS BUNCHES Inspiration Emporium for your generosity.  

Click Here For: Inspiration Emporium Paper Craft Supplies

Now...ARE YOU READY for my creation??!! Here ya go!!! 

The Front!

The Inside!

And NOW the REAL Story.....

I cheated - yep - I did :(  BUT... it's all good!!!

I do not have a cutting/embossing machine yet.  However, I just couldn't not participate in the challenge.  It's just sooo much fun to be a part of the Compendium of Curiosity Challenges.  

No worries - I know I can't win because I did not use the proper tools etc but... at least I had fun playing!!! 

Sooooooooooooooooooo I embossed my own card - eheheheh!!
I thought and thought and thought... how could I do it.
Finally I remembered an old needlepoint plastic from the grandkids and I found a wooden awl tool and started rubbing!! 

Now you can laugh when I tell you that by the time I "faux embossed" the card where I wanted it to be embossed... I was out of breath.  Maybe I was holding it - donno... but it was hard work!!! 

I wish I would have taken a picture just the pink cardstock after I finished "embossing" it but I forgot.  :(   But here is a picture of some scraps I cut off the side. 

I used Ranger Aquamarine Archival Ink first over the faux embossing to make it show.  Then I went over it with various shades of silks glaze.  You can sort of see it close up here but the colors are not this bright in reality - more pastel.  

Originally I was just going to put the faux embossed card onto the pastel pink card stock but it just didn't look right so.... I made another layer to match the center that says It's Spring! 

This is a picture of it after I had already put it on the pink card.
I used Neocolor crayons for the background on this and the matching center piece and then spray both with pink and teal ink.
So fun to see how it turned out!!  

I hope you can see that in the center of the faux embossing I left a diffuser place!  It was just plain pink cardstock in the center with the faux embossing all around it.  Then I made the little card to put the sentiment on to go over the pink center.  

The flowers were made for another project that I also just finished and will list next on the blog BUT... in the end, I didn't use them.  I redid the colors just a tiny but and used them for this card - yeah!!!  I fussy cut all the flowers - which I enjoy doing in the evenings. There are 4 pink flowers added that are from prima too.  I also added some purple ribbon - just for another layer.  

IT'S SPRING!!   Enjoy the season!  Hugs. j. 



  1. Maybe it was it sure was effective! Your colors are sublime! LOVE the stamping and the cheery feel!

  2. Well, aren't you incredibly creative (persistent too) - love the results, and the card is stunning! Your colour, as always, calls to me!

  3. Joi...such a pretty card! Love your use of blended and muted colors. They are yummy. Your little fussy cut stamped and colored flowers really work nicely. I love your asymmetrical design. Thanks for joining us at CC3C. <3 Candy

  4. It's not cheating, it's using your creative noggin! I always have to do it when I make Tim's tags, because I'm usually about a year late in getting the products! This is so pretty, Joi!

  5. It's not cheating, it's using your creative noggin! I always have to do it when I make Tim's tags, because I'm usually about a year late in getting the products! This is so pretty, Joi!

  6. Beautiful cards & the texture is awesome!!


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