Friday, May 8, 2015

IT'S SPRING Card - Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27

It's SPRING!!!  YES it IS!!!  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Although my daughter in Prescott AZ said it was snowing there today.  WHAT???!!!! I promise it's spring in Texas!

I made a little card for the Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27 - Embossing Diffusers.

VIEW HERE: Compendium of Curiosity 3, Challenge 27

This challenge is on page 61 of Vol. 3 of Tim's book - Sizzix Alterations Embossing Diffusers.  If you don't have the book.... here is the link for purchasing a signed copy!  How fun is that??!!!

BUY IT HERE: Compendium of Curiosity 3

And guess what?  YES - there is a gift prize.  EXCITING HUH???!!!  You should see all the wonderful things they have for us in paper craft supplies.  

THANKS BUNCHES Inspiration Emporium for your generosity.  

Click Here For: Inspiration Emporium Paper Craft Supplies

Now...ARE YOU READY for my creation??!! Here ya go!!! 

The Front!

The Inside!

And NOW the REAL Story.....

I cheated - yep - I did :(  BUT... it's all good!!!

I do not have a cutting/embossing machine yet.  However, I just couldn't not participate in the challenge.  It's just sooo much fun to be a part of the Compendium of Curiosity Challenges.  

No worries - I know I can't win because I did not use the proper tools etc but... at least I had fun playing!!! 

Sooooooooooooooooooo I embossed my own card - eheheheh!!
I thought and thought and thought... how could I do it.
Finally I remembered an old needlepoint plastic from the grandkids and I found a wooden awl tool and started rubbing!! 

Now you can laugh when I tell you that by the time I "faux embossed" the card where I wanted it to be embossed... I was out of breath.  Maybe I was holding it - donno... but it was hard work!!! 

I wish I would have taken a picture just the pink cardstock after I finished "embossing" it but I forgot.  :(   But here is a picture of some scraps I cut off the side. 

I used Ranger Aquamarine Archival Ink first over the faux embossing to make it show.  Then I went over it with various shades of silks glaze.  You can sort of see it close up here but the colors are not this bright in reality - more pastel.  

Originally I was just going to put the faux embossed card onto the pastel pink card stock but it just didn't look right so.... I made another layer to match the center that says It's Spring! 

This is a picture of it after I had already put it on the pink card.
I used Neocolor crayons for the background on this and the matching center piece and then spray both with pink and teal ink.
So fun to see how it turned out!!  

I hope you can see that in the center of the faux embossing I left a diffuser place!  It was just plain pink cardstock in the center with the faux embossing all around it.  Then I made the little card to put the sentiment on to go over the pink center.  

The flowers were made for another project that I also just finished and will list next on the blog BUT... in the end, I didn't use them.  I redid the colors just a tiny but and used them for this card - yeah!!!  I fussy cut all the flowers - which I enjoy doing in the evenings. There are 4 pink flowers added that are from prima too.  I also added some purple ribbon - just for another layer.  

IT'S SPRING!!   Enjoy the season!  Hugs. j. 


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