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Hello to all of you creativity keepers out there! 
Hope your day is going well.  

This is DAY 4...
7 posts from 2015 in 7 days.  

Thanks bunches to Candy Colwell for nominating me to post. 

I hope you find all the little aspects of this CREATIVITY TYPOLOGY interesting. 

It began by covering the entire 2 ft x 2 ft canvas with newspaper!  Our local paper is so small that it barely covered the canvas.  Hubby works the crossword every day so it's there too - completely filled in!  LOTS of Typography of different types for the first layer.  

After adding several layers to the canvas of paint and paper scraps... I began the letters. 
Lots of the different products and techniques were used for them. 
Here are a few:
Fussy Cutting
Oil Pastels
Metal Foil

The "E" and "Y" were done with the same type of technique so I included them in the same picture! 


The next letter was RAINBOWS!! Love the promises of rainbows. 

And here are some close-ups of all the letters.  It would be hard for me to say which one I like best.  They were all so fun to do and each described in a different way what CREATIVITY means to me! 

Here is the ACROSTIC for you:

C: Courage

R: Reinvent
E: Emotion
A: Art
T: Transform
I: Illuminate
V: Visionary
I: Imagination
T: Timeless
Y: YOU (and me!!)

Thanks bunches and bunches for taking the time to read my description and peruse my pictures. 

And thank you for your comments. They just make my day!
My reply blogger reply button doesn't work but I read each one.

Hugs! joi  


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