Sunday, February 21, 2016

My First Whimsical Horse with Fantasy Story Written by ME!!!!


DAY 5... of
7 Days to post 7 2015 projects!

I appreciate Candy Colwell nominating for this fun!!




This is a land of fantasy and freedom.

A community of loyal friends and ultimate fun.

A friend could be any one - from robot to rebel.

Everyone and everything is welcome. 

Everyone and everything is always safe and happy. 

The sun shines love into hearts and dreams come true.

Walk among the village, the lanes, the parks.

Relax to the floating mystical waves of musical pleasure. 

Stroll thru buildings filled with whatever your mind wants to see:
a museum, a library, a church, a theater, a dining feast.  

The Chaumont Barn contains any critter the way you imagine it. 

See nature in it's most glorious array your eyes could behold.

Acres of daydreams will heap sunshine on your soul. 

Life is contentment. Contentment is joy. 

Sunshine is in your soul today!

Are you ready to go visit?  I know I am!!!  

See ya there... joi 
~ ~ ~

This is a 2 ft x 2 ft mixed media canvas.

I LOVED doing this project and so enjoyed creating my magical horse for Daydream Acres too!! 

This was originally created for the Scrap Around the World Mood Board as seen below for March 2015.

The horse was my inspiration because I had never drawn
or painted a horse before.  Since there was also a robot and
a futuristic theme... it encouraged me to TRY the horse. Why?  
Because I knew that it could look very strange and that would be 
ok in a futuristic world!!!  That gave me the courage to proceed :)

The colors interested me - so basic and minimalist - gray, white, yellow, blue. The twine reminded me that with horses comes rope!

I used lots of paper, die cuts, stamps, stickers, rub-ons, distress
and acrylic paints, embossing powder, metal tacks, and twine!

Thanks bunches for taking time to stop by. 
XO j.  


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