Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Enter In Peace" Shabby Fall Garden

WELCOME Sweet Friends to my Rustic Shabby Fall Garden!

After you stroll through the flowers and linger on the bench out back... please feel free to come in my back door and chat...

When I was young, my Grammie has 20 acres of nothing but her flowers, veggies and grapes.  How she loved them!  I was her helper when I stayed with her.  Afterwards, we went in the back door for a long rest and a Pepsi (her favorite drink).  To me, her back door was much prettier than her front door and she always welcomed anyone who entered.

I began by just sketching out my plan on an 8x10 canvas board. 

 I erased the stones in the center and began painting in some colors. 

The bricks were done first with DecoArt Media Modeling Paste. 

Then I began adding DecoArt Media Texture Sand Paste for the stucco look of the walls. 

Using a DecoArt Andy Skinner Tread Carefully stencil, the stepping stones were made with DecoArt Media Crackle Paste. 

First phase finished!

Definitely needed some DecoArt American Weathered Wood on my little fence rails!  I always had a white fence in my mind but for the weathered wood you start with an undercoat of paint!

Here you see some of the crackle coming through after adding DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream to both the fence rails and the stepping stones. 

Painting the brick with DecoArt Media fluid acrylics was rather fun.  Here you see the beginning of the painting but as the projects progressed I played with the brick over and over! 

Phase two complete! 

I recently purchased some Dynasty liner brushes. They are just amazing.  Look at the tiny lines I was able to make on this lamp. 

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to do the door and windows entirely with DecoArt Metallic Lustre paints.  Oh such a joy to use - they spread just like butter.  The first coat on the door was done with Copper Kettle but I just kept adding one color after another of Metallic Lustre until they looked like I had envisioned. 

I wanted to bring some of my garden clippings in and make a garland for over the door! Using the DecoArt American Feathered Friends stencil I began adding the garden clippings!!!!  

I added five layers of boughs on each side. 

While waiting for my boughs to dry, the Americana Jacobean Floral stencil worked perfectly for a bit of shabby chic decor on the door. I just scratched out the design with my punch.

Using my wonderful Dynasty liner brush again... I painted in the leaves with DecoArt Media Green Interference. 

I added some motif on the windows too - just by hand.
Oh - and the planters are just free-hand with modeling paste!

Phase three complete!!

From this point on, I just began painting free hand the flower garden!  So relaxing and fun creating flowers!!! 

The "Enter In Peace" sign is a piece of bark from the ranch! Again, the Dynasty brush made it possible for me to just paint the words on free-hand.  Truly amazing to me - wow! 

Here are pictures of my completed mixed media Shabby Garden. 

Hubby made me a lovely cedar board stand to accent my garden! 

Truly wish you were at my backdoor right now!

Have a peaceful day. 

Hugs. j. 
Products Used: 

DecoArt Media Mediums:
Gesso, Modeling Paste, Texture Sand Paste, Crackle Paste

DecoArt Media Paints:
Hansa Yellow Light, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Sap Green, YellowGreen Light, Green Gold, Carbon Black, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Violet, Vermillion, Cadmium Red Hue, Phthalo Green 

DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream:
Carbon Black, Patine Green, Titanium White

DecoArt Media Green Interference

DecoArt Media Andy Skinner Tread Carefully stencil. 
Americana Feathered Friends stencil
American Jacobean Floral stencil
DecoArt DecoMagic Brush & Stencil Cleaner

Dynasty Paint Brushes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Excited to share my creativity with:

The Anything But Cute mood board inspired me by the peely paint, the doors, the windows, and the lovely flowers.  I'm not much of a romantic, so didn't go with that aspect but did add the following:
Peely white fence
Peely stucco showing brick beneath
Crackled Stepping Stones
Vintage looking, shabby door and windows
Planters in the windows
Shabby motif on the door
Lantern light (could be romantic!!!)
and lots of flowers :)
Thanks bunches! j. 


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Challenge #28 - Rustic
How fun! I love rustic - of course, living on a ranch!
My little shabby garden seems very rustic too. 
Thanks for the opportunity to play along. j. 


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Take a walk thru my fall garden and then open my autumn colored door and chat awhile! Loved including stamps and stencils in my creativity.  Thanks bunches for the fun of being part of your challenge. Xj.

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