Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Brother's Dream... Inspirational 24x20 Canvas


Hello again to all my sweet creative friends!  

Today I have a special painting for you because it evolved into something a long way from how it began!!!! 

Originally, in my mind, I saw two paths leading into the woods and where they met - was a beautiful flowering tree.  The intention was for a bright, jewel tone, abstract creation.  I began by sketching in what I had in my mind.  A beautiful flowering tree would have been far back area in the center of the woods - so originally there was an open blank white space left there for the tree.

This painting is a 20 x 24 acrylic on canvas. 

At this point, my brother called and asked what I was painting. I explained and told him it was just at the beginning. He asked me to text him a picture. I had already snapped the picture above so that's what I sent to him.  His told me that it looked like his dream of the entrance to heaven. 

My sweet brother is a year younger than I and we grew up as "partners in crime"!  He lives in my hometown in Missouri. I don't see him very often but of course, we talk and we are close.

He has pancreatic cancer so his sharing his dream of heaven touched my heart.  I had no idea how to make his heavenly dream a reality so I just started painting again with that possibility in mind.

I had already covered the painting in plastic wrap before I talked to my brother and it was in the process of drying. The goal was just to blend the colors and make it more abstract.  

This painting was done with Ranger Dylusions Paints in every color they have available! It still has the plastic wrap on here.

And after it was removed....

It actually was probably prettier before the plastic wrap phase!
However... if I hadn't added the plastic wrap - I wouldn't have found the angels.  Angels??? After the conversation with my brother, I set the painting in front of me during the evening trying to think how to proceed towards the theme he stated.  And I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the angel on the left - so vivid - Wow.  And then... yes, there it was - another angel on the right. I took out my Stabilo All pencil and drew around them. 

Look at the texture from the plastic wrap!  It almost looks like light streaming inside and out of the angels?  Truly amazing to me!

So with the discovery of the angels - it can now qualify as an INTUITIVE painting - which as you know... I love to do!!!! 

Still not sure how to proceed so let's just outline the angels!!!

Then came out the stamps, stencils, Archival & Stazon Inks! 
I just began adding other worldly texture all over.

This is Ranger Dylusions Stencil - Shattered.

This is Ranger Dylusions Stencil - Bubbles. 

I also used the following stencils:
~ The Crafter's Workshop - Mini Subway
~ Stampers Anonymous, Tim Holtz Collection - Speckles
~ Hero Arts Clings Stamp - Canvas Stripes
as well as... 
~ Ranger Archival Ink for the road/path. 

Here is a picture of the stamps and stencils used in this project.
The Inkadinkadoo Stamp was used for the front of the gate.

From this point on - I just began to play and experiment. Over a period of days... I would stop and start again adding layers.

Somewhere along the line I added DecoArt Media Crackle Paste to the "hole" at the end of the road and DecoArt Media Crackle Glaze to the angels. 

Plus I added many other products to enhance the painting: 
DecoArt Antiquing Cream, Metallic Lustre and Glamour Dust to parts of the painting. As well as some Ranger Stickles.

Colourarte Silks Acrylic Glaze in a variety of colors were used throughout the painting too.  Love the Iridescent Silks on the darker colors like the angels - so fun to see it turn from white to a color. 

 DecoArt Metallic Lustre Rose Gold did an amazing job on the crackle texture. 

Layering and adding - little by little - creating the scene!

In the middle of the night one night I woke up with the idea to add the gate/fence.  No idea where or how but the next day, I was up to the task.  It was tedious - just using my ruler!  And the gates were the hardest - you can see that they don't match perfectly but it's ok - it's just a dream!!!  I did use a stamp on the center of the gate. 

There was just something about the road/path that didn't look right to me.  I wasn't sure how to add the stairs so again... I just started sketching with my Stabilo All pencil and a ruler.  Whew - was there a lot of erasing!!  After adding the stairs... I knew it was nearly done!  

Just needed the streams of heavenly light. Using DecoArt Metallic Lustre & Glamour Dust, I tentatively added one streak of light and liked it... so using my finger as well as an old credit card... proceeded adding one streak after another. Hehehe - so fun!!!

Of course, with all the glimmer and glitz it was hard to capture the painting at it's best! With light shining on it - it's very vibrant and rich.  In natural light it is serene and peaceful! 

Never would I have imagined this turning out the way it did when I began. It brought my brother happiness so for that I am grateful.  I did a lot of happy singing while painting this one too! 

There is a song by Michael English and the first verse is: 
I dreamed of a city called Glory
So bright and so fair.
When I entered the gates I cried "Holy"
The angels all met me there...

As always - thank you sweet friends for taking time to stop by! 
May your dreams be full of glorious light! Hugs. j.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Excited to add this to these challenges: 
It's true! Dreams if they're any good are always a little bit crazy! But personally, I think my brother's dream of heaven is super.  I hope to meet him there someday :)  Thanks bunches Mixed Media Place for allowing me to play along with your dream theme. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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September: Things With Wings

Not butterflies or birds but definitely wings. Plus heaven is timeless so hoping this will fit the vintage category too!!
Thrilled to have the opportunity to participate this time. 

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