Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Marsha Valk - Creative Jump Start... MY Lesson Creation!!

Howdy and HAPPY NEW YEAR...from Joi at the ranch!!

It has become a tradition for me to begin my year with:
The theme is "Mix, Match, Master". 

This is my 3rd year and I enjoy it because it forces me WAY out of my comfort zone.  I hope to post several projects over this month.  It will mostly just be pics of the project since I can't share much about the lessons themselves.  

This first lesson was from Marsha Valk. 

Let me assure you - mine looks nothing like hers. Hers was wonderful, of course!  Nevertheless here's my play along. 

Phase one, two and three!

And after more phases - finally....nearly done!


DecoArt Media Paint Products
Dare2BArtzy Totally Tracy Textures Stamps
Faber-Castell Pitt Pen
Dynasty Liner Brush


I added the words: Just Begin. 
That's what I tell myself when I have no clue how to start!
Thank you Marsha for challenging me!
Until tomorrow! j.



  1. I love to see some of the "beginning". It appears to evolve into a landscape of sorts. I love it.

  2. I love the texture and patterns- gorgeous!!! Happy New Year Joi and thank you for being part of CJS again <3

  3. Wow!!! A lovely, bright & joyous way to start the new year.... love that quote. Nice to see your Jump Start creations:):)

  4. I think the idea of 'just begin' is excellent - and love the result. CJS is a great way to start the year huh :-)

  5. This is way cool Joi! You work wonders on your canvases with paint and stamps! I have to get into my paints this year, it's been too long! Big hugs, Autumn

  6. Love the landscape look of this ...The words are perfect! I wonder what our words will be after 30 days!

    Cheers from Annne in BC

  7. Very cool abstract, Joi! Have you been visiting my Closet??? Wait 'til you see what I post on the 18th! You will think I've been CAS ing you! (which I haven't-just a happy coincidence!) Happy New Year to you; I'm off to see your other work I've missed. Sending hugs!

  8. Hey Joi - sorry it's been so long, and I'm happy to see you're kicking off 2017 with some fabulous creativity... what a great piece. Off to catch up with some more, but I hope the new year brings you health, happiness and wonderful creative adventures.
    Alison x

  9. Just begin! - What a great piece, Joi...beautifully executed and deliciously textural. Love it! xo


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