Friday, November 13, 2015

Windy Autumn Leaves Mixed Media Canvas

Hello from Joi at the RR!!

The leaves are just beginning to turn in Texas. 
Evenings are cooler so that means....
The hay is piled high in the hay wagon here at the ranch... 
Anyone for a cozy ride - just to "enjoy the simple things"?????  

Fall scene in our vintage hay wagon! 

The Autumn Winds inspired this 20x24 canvas. 

This canvas can go "Topsy Turvy".....
which way do you think it looks best???!!!!

Here is how it all came to be!

The beginning - acrylic paints. 
The first layer and then many, many more!

Next came a layer of gesso through a stencil:
The Crafters Workshop, 12x12 Ferns.

After all the leaves were in place - they were painted with various colors using Ranger Dylusions Paints and DecoArt Americana.

I loved the bright colors (of course) but I wanted it to be more "fallish" so the next picture is after a wash was completed. 

Next came a layer of gesso with my credit card and a wet wipe!

I drew in some branches and then began painting in leaves.

Just kept adding layers of colors to the leaves with the paints and also using Faber-Castell Big Brush and Pitt Pens. 

It always amazes me how I get from start to finish!  In this case... I just kept layering and mixing and layering.  And it was the adding of the ColourArte Silks Acrylic Glaze that added the texture and depth of color to the leaves. 

As always, thanks bunches and bunches for stopping by.
Hope you get a chance to "Enjoy the Simple Things" this week! 
I would LOVE a HELLO from YOU in my comments! 
Hugs, j

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Thankful to add 'Windy Autumn Leaves' to these challenges:

ColourArte Monthly Challenge
#5 Fall Colors


My leaves are going Topsy Turvy AND...
the canvas turns Topsy Turvy - whichever way you like it best!!! 

My Sweet Earth
Autumn 2015
"Enjoy the Simple Things"

Like my granddaughter tossing leaves and watching them fall!!


Autumn Colors



Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful canvas, full of autumn colour and movement, fantastic work and lovely photos. It would be nice if you would link to Art Journal Journey, too. Hugs, Valerie

experiments in paper said...

Fabulous, Joi! Your colorful layering here is amazing.....and so effective!! Love the picture of your granddaughter also! To my mind, this canvas would look fantastic any way it is hung! Thanks so much for your visits and comments - always love to hear from you! Happy Thanksgiving down your way - xxx Lynn

Valerie-Jael said...

Thanks so much for joining us at Art JOurnal Journey, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful canvas and so great to sea it's progress! What a fabulous time of the year! Great photos! Happy weekend to you! Thank you very much for being with us at Art Journal JOureny!

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous! Loved seeing all the layers...amazing how much work has gone into it..... & I like it on the horizontal....those top leaves look wonderful:) Your Autumn.....our Summer is coming;)

sarascloset said...

Joi, I love your artwork anyway you turn it! Back when I was learning to paint, my art teacher applauded me for turning my canvas' upside down when I was working on them, because it gave me a different perspective. I sometime turn things in a way different than they would typically be seen to enjoy their special qualities-- like my kids! Ha, ha, ha! Speaking of kids, that photo of your granddaughter is sheer delight! What a cutie pie, doing what a joyful kid should be doing with leaves!

Now about this Windy Autumn Leaves! What a pleasure it was to watch how you created this lovely work of art! It's interesting to see the ferns being laid down, because my eye didn't even see these at first. This is just beautiful, and I hope you win each of the challenges you've would be so deserved! Big Hugs!

Pamellia said...

Wow Joi, what a great post! I love it all, the photographs are brilliant, love the one of your granddaughter playing in the leaves! Your canvas in nothing less than freaking amazing, I mean holy fricka-doodles man!! I am just in awe of your talent, and I can`t tell you how much I enjoyed watching your process! It`s just amazing to watch it all come together! You are truly one talented gal my friend! hugs :)

Lys said...

A wonderful canvas, Joi! So warm and colourful in these autumn shades we love. I love how you show your process and the result is really topsy turvy! Thanks for joining us at Our Creative Corner!

ULKAU said...

Oh, that was a long way to finish this warm colored leaves image ... but it has become so beautiful. Ulrike

My name is Erika. said...

Gorgeous leaf painting!

Sam & Poppy said...

Beautiful art indeed. Love it!

Sam & Poppy said...

Beautiful art indeed. Love it!

Redanne said...

Oh wow Joi, your canvas is stunning! I love the autumnal colours, they are so warm and vibrant - such a wonderful piece of art and it was lovely to see how you created it too - you are a true artist! Hugs, Anne xx

Candy C said...

Gorgeous canvas, Joi. Love your tutorial, too. You are so right...your canvas can be Topsy Turvy and still is amazing either way.
I also love your vintage wagon and photos. Yep...the simple things are definitely the best!

butterfly said...

What magnificent leafy canvases - so full of rich colour and beautiful shapes. Fantastic autumnal post.
Alison x

sarascloset said...

Joi, I am truly happy you won the DecoArt goodies on OCC! SO VERY WELL DESERVED!!! Now that is the second goodie package of DecoArt products I know of that you won, and I can't think of anyone who will get more use out of them YOU!!! Woo Hoo! PS Thank you for your really SWEET comments on my blog. Sorry if I don't get round enough. I'm running around here like a chicken with my head off, and my attempts to keep up with all the new art out there are really puny! But I'm thinking of you, dear! Hugs!