Thursday, January 7, 2016

PORTRAIT on Canvas - Henri Matisse REVISITED


It's me.... Joi@RR - back again with another Henri Matisse inspired creation for you.  This was done as a result of a class I am taking through Nathalie Kalbach of N*Studio - Creative Jumpstart 2016. 

You can still join us - it's incredible!!! 

We are studying the artwork of Henri Matisse this week.  
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer gave a FANTASTIC tutorial on doing a portrait... and of course, it was Matisse inspired. 

Ok... so I am still totally in SHOCK.... seriously shocked...
Because.... me, myself, and I - did a portrait.

I look at it and think... did I really do this? Even hubby is befuddled by this new found ability!!!   It's wild and crazy and amazing!!!  

NO silly... I didn't mean my portrait is amazing - eheheheh!!!  Dear me... it's not amazing at all.  BUT... it IS amazing that I actually see a face staring back at me from my canvas.  I think Julie Balzer is a great teacher - for sure. Thank you Julie - soo much!!

Julie chose a Henri Matisse portrait and redid it... showing us how. 
Her version was WONDERFUL... it really was/is. 

I didn't choose the portrait she did... but did another one that brought back memories of my hubby's mother!

Here is the Henri Matisse portrait.  

And here is my take on 12 x12 stretched canvas!!! 

I began by sketching and without a lot of hope that I could do this. 

I used watercolor sticks here.  She looks pretty scary!!

I began adding water and more colors a bit at a time.  

I used: Watercolor Sticks, Pitt Pens, DecoArt Media Acrylics and lots of gesso for all my mistakes!! 

 I totally forgot about taking pictures... I was sooo intently trying to watch Julie's tutorial video and do each step as she did.  This is how it looked before I worked on the face/hair more.

There was no widow's peak and the hair was not puffed out as much. Plus the eyebrows and eyes needed help too.  As well as the ruffles at the neck and down the front. 

And this is a close-up of the face when I finished!! 

Of course, it's far from perfection.  Still - for me - who has never believed I could do this... it's nearly a miracle.  

I have traced faces.  I have used tissue paper faces.  And I have even sketched very tiny stick figure type faces. I even did Santa but he's all beard!!!  Never have I been brave enough to actually try to paint a face on a canvas like this.  And NO... it is not my favorite thing to do.  I would much rather paint "things" and "scenes" etc.  

 But... yes... I'm smiling.  And... 2016 has started off with me way out of my comfort zone - but I dared to try and it was worth it!

You are so wonderful to stop by and share my amazement!
Thanks bunches in advance for your comments - they mean so much to me.  My "reply" still doesn't work but again Thank You. 

Big Hugs. j. 

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