Friday, January 29, 2016

Wilderness Man 20x24 on Canvas

 Hello and Welcome Back to ALL you sweet bloggers. 

Around Thanksgiving, I was commissioned to do a painting using photos from a hunt. At the time, I reluctantly agreed stating that the only way I would do it was if I could do the man's body from the back.  In other words... with no face... just the back of the head etc.  

Why?  Because I don't draw faces.  Well... at that time I didn't.... but I do NOW!!!!  

Thanks to the Creative Jump Start Workshop I took through N*Studio - Nathalie Kalbach... I learned a unique way of drawing faces.  I realize that it's not a "real", in detail face... but the type of face I had learned to draw worked well for this wilderness man.

Thought I would share it with you because admittedly... I am rather encouraged by how it turned out.  It is a 20X24 canvas using acrylic paints.  I didn't take a lot of pictures this time!

Here is the picture I painted from...
and he stated that he likes a more abstract look to his art. 

I sketched the background and body from pictures that he gave me from the trip. 

Then began painting. 

There were not textures used - only paint - per his request. 

Figuring out the camo was crazy!! 
And I definitely need to work on painting skies. 

And then hubby made a frame for the painting out of cedar. This is not a good picture of the painting or the frame but I looks amazing in person!  We had lots of folks at the ranch this week for a conference and the painting was a hit.  The man in the picture was here for the conference! All said it looks just like him!

I just have to say... 
I am so thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to paint. 
No one is more amazed than me at the art of creating. 

Thank you for visiting... and for your comments. 
I sooo appreciate each one.

Much love, 
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