Monday, January 11, 2016

SELF PORTRAIT!!! Jean Michel Basquiat INSPIRED


YES ... you read it right... a self portrait - eheheheheh!!!

Are you smiling and curious my creative friends???!!!!  

I am still enjoying - very much - the Creative Jump Start workshop with at Nathalie Kalbach Studios.  This week the artist we are studying is Jean Michel Basquiat - Urban Artist. 

Here is the CJS Pinterest page if you would like to see his works. 

The teacher for this workshop tutorial is:
Entitled: Heart vs Head

Here is my self-portrait. 

Yes - I know... I look a bit like I'm on drugs!!! Heheh - hey... I was brave to even try it - don't you think??  

Here is the real picture. 

First, let me tell you I did not draw it by hand... I traced it from my picture... whew... that was a relief.  It was still a challenge for sure. 

Looked a bit better with the black added!!! 

I liked it as it was below but it wasn't very Basquiat inspired!

So on I went - following the wonderful tutorial towards urbanism!

In case you can't read it... the sentiment says:

If you straddle the fence, you never have your feet on the ground
stand on top and crow.... loudly! 

I actually painted the sentiment on a sign for the ranch several years ago and it is hanging on one of our paths. 

I wrote on the back of the canvas to remember why my self-portrait looks so wild.   URBAN ART... me? Crazy stuff!!

Way out of my comfort zone at the onset of 2016!
Guess I'm working to BURGEON!!!
Hugs. j. 

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