Sunday, January 3, 2016

There is ALWAYS a plan! RIGHT??!!!



NOPE... not always!!!

I don't have a plan to fix todays Ahhh Ohhh moment!!! 

HELLO all my little art makers... AND...
Believing it will be a year filled with "favor" for you!

Today... I have to admit defeat!!!  
But don't worry... I'm not upset... just learning acceptance.

I absolutely LOVE all of the folks associated with:
Anything But Cute Challenge. 

From the very beginning of my creative journey... it has been members of that group and some of their friends that have encouraged and inspired me bunches and bunches. 

So.... I love participating in their challenges.  OH YEAH!!

But this time... I tripped on the finish line!!!  
Yes... I know... excuses, excuses, excuses.  And you are so right. 
Nevertheless....  Heheheheh... here I go with mine!!! 
Why? Because even though I have had this "happy mail" done for awhile... I had decided not blog anything and just let the challenge go by without any artwork from me.  BUT.... then I felt like I wanted them to know that I really did think about the challenge!! 

First of all, I should tell you that I have only ever sent out one Happy Mail... and I had no clue what I was doing so the poor person that got it had to have wondered what on earth was going on!  I didn't decorate the envelope at all and what I put inside - ugh.

Since then I have received three Happy Mail envelopes... so I have a little better understanding of the goodies that should be given!


Here are the instructions for the ANYTHING BUT CUTE 
"You've Got Happy Mail"... challenge: 
Niki writes....

For this challenge I would love to see some mixed media Christmas cards, tags, ATC's or whatever papercrafts you are mailing to a friend.  Make sure they are inspired by the Spirit of the Season!

You KNOW how they say... if all else fails read the instructions????  Um hum..... well... I did but I didn't. :)

So in my head... I thought - oh... it needs to be small... immediately thinking I could use a small/tiny canvas.  I had never done a tiny canvas before so that sounded like a good challenge for me! 

WRONG.... Joi - Joi - Joi... READ... you silly goose.  One would never know that I have a Master's Degree... errrrrrrrrrrrr.  

It says..... PAPERCRAFTS.... cards, tags, ATC, or papercrafts. And then... it says.... inspired by the SPIRIT OF THE SEASON - OOPS!!!!!  

Here is my project without many pictures due to total brain malfunctions.....heheheheh....

Oh and I even left the Ranger Library Green Archival Ink out of the picture too. That's what I used for the sentiment stamp. 

ERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - so now you know why I tripped on the finish line.  It's light and flat and makes great Happy Mail... it's just not "Papercrafts" or in the "Spirit of the Season"!! 

 But hey... at least I "did" something and was challenged to do a tiny canvas for the first time so it's all GREAT!!

Now PLEASE KNOW... I am smiling... hope you are too. :)

Upwards and onwards to the next challenge...
and YES - YES - YES... I will read ALLLL the instructions!!!  
Well.... hopefully!!!  Heheheheheh!!!  
Hugs. j.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For the following challenge: 
Challenge 8, You've Got Happy Mail

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