Thursday, July 23, 2015

Intuitive Painting - Pretty in Pink - REPOST


Repost... Intuitive Painting on Canvas

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This is a 14 x 20 canvas. I began by taking pink and cream acrylic paints and just spreading them everywhere.  I started with a brush and before I knew it my fingers were in the paint!!!  Knowing it was an intuitive painting - I tried to purposefully paint in different directions.  I love a little shimmer or uniqueness in my paintings so I added a bit of amazing silver acrylic (Winsor & Newton).  The pink paint was an Iridescent Pink Pebeo and the cream was buff titanium.  

It still seemed rather boring so mixed some pink, cream and silver with flow medium until it was soupy - and began dripping it down from the sides of the canvas.  I enjoyed watching it go in different paths and adding a bit of dimension.  

Just before I stopped to let it dry... I saw a short black oval cup on my desk - the kind that dressing comes in with take out food!!  So I picked it up and pressed it into the paint - just here and there... simply because it was handy!!!!!!!!!!!!  

When it was dry - I set it in front of me as I worked and kept looking at it turned all different way.  Didn't see a thing.  I asked hubby if he saw anything - nope.  Oh dear... there has to be something - doesn't there?  The next evening I was sitting in my chair - with the painting propped up at a distance - glancing at it... and I saw the branch of a tree.  If you look at the first picture - you will see what looks like "leaves" in silver - that's how I got started.  

I began to outline the branch and find the rest of the tree.... and all of the sudden - I saw a window.  NOW I was excited.  And how crazy is that - the silly little dressing cup that I grabbed because it was just there... turns out to be the window????!!!!!  Yep!  

It's just sooooo sooooo sooooo amazing to me that this big pink house or hotel came from my spreading paint helter-skelter!!  

Now - please know - I have never ever been any where or seen anything that remotely looks like my little "block" corner of the world!  One friend told me it looks like New Orleans.  And an online friend said Italy.  I have barely been out of Texas so for me... this is a quaint vacation spot scene.  I put myself in the center window and imagine smelling the flowering tree as I look out and see the ocean.  Can you see me?  Yes, that is a person in that window over the tree!!!!!! 

Thanks so much for looking at my pink intuitive art creations.  Hugs. j. 
In the beginning.....

Turn to the rights and.....
can you see the tree in the picture below? 

Here's my outlines!

The colors look different because I took the first ones during the day and the finished ones at night.  The shading is burnt umber.

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