Friday, July 3, 2015

LIFE: Voyage of Discovery Plaque

Hello to all my creative friends.  
Can you believe it's the day before Independence Day?  Wow. 
Have a blessed and happy 4th of July!

When you think about life... do you think: 
"Life: A Voyage of Discovery"?
I didn't learn to think that way. 

Do you "encourages your hopes - not your fears"?

Nope! I have always lived with fear.
Looking back, I can see that Mama was a very fearful person and I just learned the same behavior.  We didn't dream or hope.  Except, of course, to "keep up with the Jones"!!  It was more like a matter of survival somehow for us.

  I love it when I am reading one of your blogs and it says... be careful what you dream... it might come true.  And then... I see that for some of you - the dreams do come true. 

I love reading how you take challenges and push your fears aside - stepping out of your comfort zones and succeed in making beautiful art.  You are all SUCH an inspiration to me in ways you can't even image.

I'll let you in on a little secret... thanks to you all...
I am actually holding a couple of secret dreams in my heart.
Both are dreams that have to do with our creative world. :)

Ok - enough of my ramblings... on to this little "Life: A Voyage of Discovery" project. 

It's a football field with a blimp flying overhead. Hopefully you figured that out but I had one person look at it yesterday that had no clue that was a blimp - eheheheh - so thought to clarify!

I took Linda Ledbetter's Compendium of Curiosity CC3C#31 challenge and learned another one of Tim Holtz wonderful techniques from Vol 3 of his books, page 47 called: 
Layering Stencils/Paint Resist.

This is the technique in progress. 

I didn't have a blimp stencil or stamp so I tried to draw one - lots of erasing along the way. We have gone by the Goodyear Blimp so many times outside of Houston Texas that I can easily see it in my memory but mine turned out a little puffier than the real thing!!! 

Then I did some more of Tim's Layering Stencils/Paint Resist technique on the little blimp too.

Time to start putting things together now!

And now you can see the sentiments...
Life: Voyage of Discovery
Encourage Your Hopes Not Your Fears. 

Sooooooo.... relating to our lives as artists...
I'm smiling... thinking YES - this is so true!
Jump in with both hands and get messy.
Believe and hope that you will succeed. 
Not with perfection... but just seeking satisfaction!

Hubby, of course, made the free standing plaque for me out of cedar from the ranch!

You are all so sweet to read and comment.  I just love hearing from you.  Again... wishing you all a HAPPY JULY!!! Hugs. j. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Thanks bunches for the opportunity to enter this project in the following fun and amazing challenges: 

Compendium of Curiosity, CC3C#31
It was fun taking the Compendium of Curiosity Challenge #31 but I promise you...mine looks nothing like the wonderful design team for Compendium of Curiosity 3.  You really should take a look - their creations are SPECTACULAR. 

And of course, as always there is a gift for the challenge too from Tim & Mario as well as the...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anything But Cute Challenge #2



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